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MG MG4 EV 2023: Corolla-sized fully electric hatch heading for UK release in September, Australia plans unknown


The new fully-electric small car electric vehicle will be the first to be built on MG’s modular scalable platform (MSP)

MG has pulled the covers off its new MG4 fully-electric small car that splits the difference between a hatchback and compact crossover silhouette.

The MG4, also known as the Mulan in its home market of China, will be released in right-hand drive (RHD) form in the United Kingdom in September of this year.

It’ll be the first model to be built on the new modular scalable platform (MSP) which can be flexible and accommodate a wide range of vehicle sizes – the wheelbase can lengthen from 2650mm to 3100mm. 

MG MG4 rear 3/4 top down view
The new MG4 EV has definite hints of Toyota Yaris at the rear end!

MG says the MG4 model will have 50:50 weight distribution and will have battery capacities of 51kWh or 64kWh which will allow for between 350-452km of range (WLTP). 

That implies relatively frugal consumption of 14.2kWh/100km for the extended range variant and 14.5kWh/100km for the shorter-range battery.

In a move likely to bolster its dynamics over MG’s current-generation ZS electric SUV, the MG4 will be rear-wheel drive. 

MG MG4 EV driven wheel demo
The MG4 will be rear-wheel drive for now, but could become AWD with time

Power and torque figures have not been officially confirmed by MG, but sources suggest the MG4 will produce 150kW of power from its single rear motor.

The MG4 has been marketed to compete with other mainstream electric car offerings such as the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5

MG4 to target mainstream cars from Toyota, Mazda and Hyundai

MG MG4 EV interior
The MG MG4 EV’s interior is simple yet functional

One look at the new MG4 EV and the rear end in particular clearly takes inspiration from the current generation Toyota Yaris with its deck-style LED tail lights. 

It’s also similar in silhouette to the forthcoming Cupra Born electric hot hatch – but its interior has taken on distinctive styling cues from existing MG SUVs.

The front of the MG4 EV definitely has some very slight Tesla inspiration but the good news is that, for the most part, the front end is uniquely MG, with its sharp nose and aggressive LED headlights. A pretty unique rear spoiler adds sportiness to the rear end of the vehicle. 

MG MG4 front 3/4 view orange
The MG4 has plenty of sporting flair thanks to aggressive LED lights and front air ducts

Inside, the MG4 features a massive landscape-orientated touchscreen with a BMW-style rotary dial to control some of the infotainment. 

Physical buttons have been saved for volume, climate and hazard controls. Although its size is unknown at this stage, a fully digital driver display is also standard which projects all the useful electric vehicle information straight in front of the driver’s line of sight. 

A flat-bottomed steering wheel adds some sporting flair to the MG4, which could one day become an all-wheel drive proposition. 

We could also see the use of a large panoramic sunroof to give the MG4 some added openness inside the cabin.

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