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Mazda CX-70 set to join CX-60 and CX-90 in Australia in 2024, but CX-80 still to come in premium push

Daniel Gardner

Australia will be the only global market to offer the complete Mazda CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90 SUV set

Mazda will offer more large and midsize SUV choice for Australian customers than in any of its other global markets, with the CX-70 confirmed to join the already launched CX-60, CX-90 and forthcoming CX-80.

The second large SUV to join the Mazda refreshed line-up in the CX-70 will arrive in late 2024, and when it does it will grow the Japanese brand’s new-generation SUV offering to at least double the next largest market, including the USA for which the company’s flagship CX-90 was specifically developed.

2024 Mazda CX-70 front 3/4 driving shot
The Mazda CX-70 is coming to Australia in late 2024

With four options in showrooms, Australia will be the only place on the planet that every model underpinned by Mazda’s new Large Product architecture can be bought, with no additional models yet confirmed to roll on the platform.

Speaking to Chasing Cars, Mazda Australia managing director Vinesh Bhindi revealed that, while there could be some overlap of the four models in terms of size and drivetrains, offering more choice was far better than not enough.

“We’re privileged to offer all four even though there could be some overlap,” he said.

“We think that’s a better position to be in than to say to a customer you can only get this or this.

2024 Mazda CX-70 burgundy interior with steering wheel and screen
Mazda’s CX-70 will be be the second large SUV to join the range

“Let the customer decide. There’s no customer that’s ever rocked up in a showroom and said ‘your menu’s too big, I can’t decide’”

Bhindi explained that a combination of Australia’s high demand for Mazda models along with manufacturing flexibility at the Hiroshima factory, put the local line-up in a unique position to essentially accept virtually any model produced in right-hand drive.

“There’s no other decision makers looking over what the factory is doing. We can go to the factory and get small runs and niche products.”

Where does Mazda’s CX-70 fit in the range?

With the reveal of the fourth Large Product SUV, Mazda is keeping most of the juicy details regarding performance, dimensions and pricing a secret for now however, the local team has outlined exactly how the CX-70 will slot in among its similar siblings.

Functionally, the CX-70 will serve as a two-row version of the three-row CX-90 (pictured)

Firstly, and perhaps confusingly, the five-seat CX-70 is more similar to the flagship three-row CX-90 in size, powertrains and, although not yet confirmed, pricing. Dimensions are yet to be confirmed in Australia but a Mazda representative told US-outlet Motor 1 that the pair share the same 3120mm wheelbase.

The ‘narrow-body’ two-row CX-60 and three-row CX-80 are the mid-sized siblings, and are also expected to share similar dimensions in order to better suit markets such as Europe and Japan.

Some small differences may result from the CX-70 exterior design changes which include front and rear bumpers and wheels, but structurally they are identical.

Straight-six engine line-up to continue

Engines and transmissions are also expected to be a carry over with choices of 3.3-litre turbo petrol inline six cylinder as well as a diesel of the same configuration and a 48-volt hybrid system paired with both.

The same all-new engine is also offered with the smaller CX-60 but with reduced power and torque outputs, but the CX-70 will have the beefier tune of the CX-90 for peak outputs of 187kW/550Nm for the diesel and 254kW/500Nm for the petrol.

Mazda CX-90 prototype 2023 engine
The CX-90’s straight-six diesel and petrol engines will be offered in the CX-70

The same eight-speed automatic transmission will also be the sole offering along with all-wheel drive.

Unlike the CX-60 and CX-90 which limit the towing capacity of the diesel to 2000kg compared with 2500kg in the petrol, the CX-70 will offer the latter figure across both engine types, with the higher threshold expected to be carried across to other models in time.

Other than the noticeable exterior styling, the most fundamental difference between the pair lies in occupant capacity with up to seven seats offered by the CX-90 while the CX-70 is limited to two rows of seating and five people.

With the arrival of the final piece in the larger end of Mazda’s SUV family, Mazda Australia Alastair Doak says the brand now offers a model for every stage of life from first drivers to empty nesters and retirees.

“We’ve got a three-row 90 that’s very much in that luxury family space, CX-70 is a five seater with more aggressive and sporty styling, so it appeals to a slightly different customer. 

“You can now spend your life in a Mazda.”

How much will the CX-70 cost in Australia?

As for pricing, that’s still a long way out and under discussion internally at Mazda however, Doak said the mechanical and proportional similarities to the CX-90 will position the CX-70 pricing in close proximity as well.

2024 Mazda CX-70 rear 3/4 driving shot
Pricing is yet to be confirmed but this won’t be a cheap Mazda

That means, with a product walk-up that resembles the flagship, the CX-70 will cost from about the $73,000 mark to about $92,000 assuming the range mirrors the choices of GT, Touring and Azami variants.

But while Mazda Australia is having all its wishes granted at the larger end of the SUV scale, head office is still denying the America-only CX-50 for local showrooms.

A replacement is in the pipeline for the ageing but still popular CX-5 but, says Bhindi, a CX-50 it ain’t.

“There will be another vehicle that replaces CX-5. What it’s going to be called is not what we’re going to debate, but there is a replacement already confirmed”.