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Chargefox raises charge price to $0.45/kWh for 20 chargers across NSW and Victoria


A five cent increase will be effective for some of the network’s 50kW chargers, but Chargefox says not all are increasing  

Electric car charging provider Chargefox has announced it is increasing charge prices across 20 different 50kW charging stations in both New South Wales and Victoria. 

As of 15 March 2023, the price for these 20 specific chargers will increase from $0.40/kWh to $0.45/kWh.

Charging rates for Chargefox’s ultra-rapid 350kW chargers will remain unchanged at $0.60/kWh. Chargefox says its 350kW charging stations are powered by 100 percent renewable energy. 

Chargefox chargers with Tesla
Chargefox has increased prices on some of its 50kW chargers in NSW and Victoria

The remainder of Chargefox’s 50kW network not listed below will continue to be set at a rate of $0.40/kWh.  

Chargefox states that the reason for the price rise is due to rises in energy prices. 

It comes as data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) shows that wholesale spot prices for electricity have risen significantly over the past two years. 

Chargefox electric car charging station
The 50kW charging rate is now $0.45/kWh for some chargers

In the second quarter of 2021, prices remained below $150/MWh, however since then, the electricity price has risen to over $300/MWh in New South Wales, for instance. 

Chasing Cars has reached out for clarification as to why only certain chargers have received a rate increase and will update this story when we receive word. 

What do other providers charge?

Evie Caltex electric car charger
Evie, Ampcharge and Tesla are some of the other charging operators

Evie, one of Chargefox’s main competitors in Australia, currently charges the same $0.45/kWh for its 50kW charging stations across Australia. 

Rapid 350kW chargers, such as the ones by Ampol’s Ampcharge network, cost $0.60/kWh – the same as Chargefox. 

Tesla chargers, which are slowly opening up to other car makers, range from $0.25/kWh for a 22kW charger, right through to $0.79/kWh for a 130kW Supercharger. 

Tesla supercharger group shot
Tesla superchargers can cost up to $0.79/kWh

Charging is also offered by several other companies who are expanding their charge networks including Ampcharge and Shell Recharge. 

Chargefox 50kW EV chargers that have increased from $0.40/kWh to $0.45/kWh

Ev chargers plug in hand
20 chargers in NSW and Victoria have risen in price slightly

The following 50kW chargers have seen a price increase:

New South Wales

  • Ballina 
  • Karuah 
  • Gundagai 
  • Goulburn 
  • Cooma 
  • Zetland 
  • Sydney 


  • Euroa
  • Barnawartha
  • Airport West 
  • Torquay 
  • Moe 
  • Horsham
  • Ballarat