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Evie increases 50kW EV charging prices in Australia to $0.45/kWh


Pricing for Evie’s 50kW chargers has increased to $0.45/kWh, however its 350kW chargers remain at $0.60/kWh

Evie’s widespread 50kW charge network has become slightly more expensive, with charging rates now set at $0.45/kWh, up 11 percent from $0.40kWh.  

The EV charging provider has so far installed 77 charging stations across Australia, however it plans on having 2000 chargers rolled out across the nation by 2033.

The charging price for Evie’s 350kW chargers remains at $0.60/kWh.

Evie is not alone in hiking their rates, with Ampol also lifting their public charging prices to $0.69/kWh (up from $0.60/kWh).

Evie charging station carpark
Evie fast chargers are continuing to pop up across the nation

Ampol stated that rising energy costs were behind the decision to lift charging rates on their Ampcharge network. 

Tesla charging rates remain at $0.70 for Tesla vehicles and $0.79 cents for non-Teslas, however this is subject to change.

Chargefox currently charges EV owners $0.40/kWh for its 50kW chargers and $0.60/kWh for anything over 50kW. It’s expected that Chargefox will follow in the footsteps of other charging providers in the coming weeks or months.