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Ampol increases Australian EV charging prices to $0.69/kWh


Charging up an EV is going to get a little more expensive for motorists, with Ampol lifting its charge rates by 15 percent  

Ampol, one of Australia’s key energy suppliers and a relative newcomer to EV charging station management, has increased its EV charging rates.

Initially, it would cost $0.60/kWh to charge your EV at one of Ampol’s Ampcharge stations, however the pricing has now gone up slightly to $0.69/kWh, with the supplier blaming rising energy costs for the increased fee. 

Although that doesn’t seem like a big change in cost, that’s a 15 percent increase in the total cost of charging an EV. 

Ampol service station branding 2022
Ampol’s Ampcharge EV network is now 15 percent more expensive

For context, charging a Tesla Model 3 with a standard 57.5kWh usable battery from 20 percent to 80 percent would cost you around $23 at $0.69/kWh, which would add up to around $1100 a year if you charged your Tesla once a week at an Ampol station. 

Ampcharge offers charging up to 150kW, however it has only five locations so far with electric chargers installed. 

Ampol plans to have 120 sites in operation by October 2023, however that’s relatively small when compared to Chargefox’s pledge to install 5000 chargers by 2025. 

Ampol Ampcharge charging station at service station
An Ampol Ampcharge charging hub at a service station

How much do other suppliers charge??

Ampol is not alone in lifting their rates, with Evie also lifting their public charging rates from $0.40kWh to $0.45kWh. 

2023 Polestar 2 charging rear
Rates for electric car charging are likely to start increasing

Those using Tesla’s charging network will pay $0.70/kWh for Tesla vehicles and $0.79 cents for non-Teslas.

Chargefox currently charges EV owners $0.40/kWh for its 50kW chargers and $0.60/kWh for anything over 50kW. It’s expected that Chargefox will follow in the footsteps of other charging providers in the coming weeks or months.