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Tesla to open portion of its US Supercharger network to other EVs as part of $7.5 billion program


Tesla will need to open up its Supercharger network by using an adaptor to gain government benefits 

The US government has announced the acceleration of the American electric vehicle charging network, including a push to get Tesla to open its Supercharger fast-charging network to plug-in vehicles made by other car companies. 

Tesla is set to open up its charging network, converting at least 7500 chargers to work for both Tesla and other EV manufacturers by 2024. 

The Biden administration wants to simplify the charging pay system, as well as make chargers accessible to more EV owners by forcing charge providers to use the CCS (combined charging system) plug

Tesla supercharger group shot
Tesla will convert as least 7500 charging plugs in the USA for other EV manufacturers

The United States has a goal to have 50 percent of all new cars sold locally to be EVs by 2030.

How exactly will Tesla’s charging standard change?

The US Government wants all fast chargers for EVs to adopt the more widely used CCS plug type – a system that Tesla does not currently use. 

Tesla charging cable plugged in
The upcoming Magic Dock allows both Tesla and CCS charge plug types

However, Tesla is developing a charging adaptor called the Magic Dock. This essentially works by offering both charging plug standards – Tesla and CCS. If you have a Tesla, when you pull the plug out of the dock, it’ll be a Tesla-specific plug. 

But, if you have a non-Tesla electric vehicle, when you pull the plug out, it will have a CCS adaptor fitted. 

You’ll need to have the Tesla app to make payment, however, as the system won’t work with other charge provider apps. 

Tesla Model Y 2023 performance white roof racks
The 2023 Tesla Model Y

Will we see a similar situation trickle down to Australia?

Tesla is beginning to make their Australian-based Superchargers accessible to more electric vehicles. 

Several sites in NSW have made the transition to allow non-Tesla EVs to charge at their sites, including in Bathurst, Dubbo, Tamworth and Hollydene. 

It’s expected that more Australian Tesla Supercharger stations will become more accessible with time, allowing owners with electric Hyundais, Kias and BMWs, for example, to charge at a Tesla Supercharger.

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