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Car news, 21 May ’24: Tesla cuts prices of Model Y and 3, cheaper Touareg and GR Yaris orders reopen


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Thanks for joining us this Tuesday May 21st 2024. Notably in car news today: Tesla slashes prices of Model 3 and Y yet again, and orders have re-opened for the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia.

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Tesla Model Y base price slashed by another $5000, now at high-spec RAV4 level

2023 Tesla Model Y with water and bridge in background
Tesla has slashed prices for its Model Y midsize electric SUV
  • Tesla, which changes the prices of its vehicles on a regular basis, has lowered the price of the Model Y electric SUV’s base model to $55,900 before on-road costs, or about $60,900 driveaway in New South Wales.
  • Pricing for the two Model Y variants with all-wheel drive and larger batteries did not change today, remaining at $69,900 (Long Range) or $82,900 (Performance).
  • Already eligible for various EV incentives across Australia, the Model Y’s list price is now firmly in the territory of hybrid or petrol SUVs like the Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan.
  • The midsize Model Y was the sixth-most popular vehicle in Australia in 2023, with 28,769 units finding homes; in the first four months of 2024, Tesla has sold 8001 locally, meaning the model is slightly underperforming year-on-year.
  • Some Tesla fans have speculated that the now yawning gap between the base Rear Wheel Drive model ($55,900) and the Long Range model with all-wheel drive ($69,900) creates space for a Long Range rear-wheel drive grade that is sold in some overseas markets.

Two grades of Tesla Model 3 have also seen price cuts today

Tesla Model 3 RWD 2024 front
The facelifted Tesla Model 3
  • Following in the tyre-tracks of the larger Model Y, the recently-facelifted Tesla Model 3 electric sedan is also cheaper as of today in two of its three grades.
  • The entry-grade Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive has seen a discount of $4000 and is now priced at $54,900 before on-road costs (about $59,800 driveaway in New South Wales).
  • Stepping up to the Long Range variant with all-wheel drive costs $10,000 more at its new price of $64,900 before costs (about $70,300 driveaway in New South Wales). This particular variant has been discounted by $3000.
  • The Model 3 Performance remains at the same price as before, $80,900 before on-road costs.  

Toyota reopens order books for manual GR Yaris 

The Toyota GR Yaris is back on sale in Australia
  • Pricing remains at $51,390 before on-road costs for the entry level variant, and is $56,390 before on-road costs for the flagship Rallye grade. 
  • Power comes from a 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine that produces 200kW/370Nm
  • An automatic GR Yaris for Australia is set for a late 2024 production start, before likely launching in early 2025. A price increase is naturally expected.
  • The manual GR Yaris is available to order now through Toyota Australia dealerships.  

Facelifted Volkswagen Touareg priced from $86,790 before on-road costs  

The facelifted 2024 range of the Volkswagen Touareg large SUV
  • Three variants will be available for 2024, including the range-topping Touareg R plug-in hybrid variant. 
  • Pricing starts at $86,790 for the entry-level 170TDI, $99,990 for the 210TDI Elegance, $109,990 for the 210TDI R-Line and $129,990 for the flagship R hybrid. 
  • Price of entry into a Touareg has dropped by $2450, while the 210TDI Elegance trim has dropped in price by a significant $8250.  
  • Key updates across the facelift Touareg range including full width LED light bars front and rear, matrix LED headlights, new alloy wheel designs, a large 15-inch centre touchscreen and 12.0-inch digital instrument cluster.
  • The highest spec R hybrid includes 22-inch Estoril alloy wheels, quad-zone climate control, thermal night vision camera, a panoramic sunroof and a head-up display. 

Nissan X-Trail E-Power hybrid long term review

Nissan X-Trail Ti E-Power LT 2023 driving far 8
The Chasing Cars’ Nissan X-Trail Ti E-Power hybrid long-termer
  • Chasing Cars production specialist Tom Place’s long term review of the Nissan X-Trail E-Power hybrid was published, taking a detailed look at the hybrid X-Trail’s livability and durability over a six month long-term loan.
  • Place noted several positive points with the X-Trail, such as its interior space, light off-road ability and surprising good-to-drive nature. Place also thought the servicing experience at Suttons Arncliffe was a good one. 
  • As for the not-so-good points, Place commented that the sound system was “terrible”, while the lack of a spare wheel and the fact it was not particularly fuel efficient for a hybrid was also mentioned. 
  • Place concluded his long-term test noting that the Nissan X-Trail E-Power hybrid had a fuss-free hybrid system, a reasonable asking price and an ultra-practical interior. 

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