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Volkswagen confirms plans for a cheap EV model with $30,000 target price


The cut-price EV will be one of ten EVs the German brand introduces to Europe by 2026, and will be even more affordable than the ID2all

Volkswagen has used the unveiling of the all-new ID2all concept to announce another smaller EV, set to come to the European market at just 20,000 Euros (around $30,000 AUD).

The news was shared at the unveiling of the late-stage concept ID2all model, which Volkswagen says will sell for about $40,000 AUD (25,000 euros) when it launches in 2025.

2023 ID2all Concept front static
The production version of the ID2all Concept is set to be followed by an even cheaper EV

It’s been a flurry of activity in the entry-level EV space for Volkswagen in recent days, with the brand also confirming this week that the Golf and Golf GTI names will make their transition to full electrification in future.

Considering that the recently-unveiled ID2all is a preview of what we can expect to see in Volkswagen’s 25,000 Euro EV, it’s likely that this upcoming EV will be even smaller – it could be a replacement for the city-sized Volkswagen Up model. 

Whether this cheapest of Volkswagen EVs would wear second-generation Up branding, or be called the ID1, has not yet been determined. Other names could include Fox or Lupo.

Volkswagen Up GTI daytime shoot
The unnamed EV could replace the UP and gain the name ID1 if tradition is followed

Given that the ID2all will likely become a worthy rival for the Cupra Born and upcoming Tesla Model 2, this smaller EV might further undercut these electric propositions. 

Like the ID2all concept, it seems that the 20,000 Euro EV will go on sale by 2026, as part of Volkswagen’s bigger electrification plan.

What will buyers get in a 20,000 Euro EV? 

Details of this EV are scarce, and the only official information from Volkswagen is that the brand has already begun work on the project. 

Given that the ID2all has been pitched as a small EV with a Golf-like interior capacity, it’s likely that this smaller EV will share the new MEB Entry platform, but not prioritise interior space. 

Volkswagen MEB platform ID family
The new model will likely sit on the MEB platform

From the ID2all concept unveiling, we know that the MEB Entry platform is exclusively front-wheel drive and packs up to 166kW. 

Battery details still remain unclear, but Cupra head of R&D Werner Tietz confirmed to Chasing Cars that a battery of more than 50kWh will be available in MEB-21 cars. It also seems likely that MEB Entry is the new name for the MEB-21 platform. 

Cost effective EV part of bigger electric plan

As part of a strategy that Volkswagen is calling the “Accelerated electric offensive”, the German brand is planning on introducing ten new electric vehicles to its range by 2026. 

Many more VW EVs are planned for the future

This year we will see the updated ID3, the long wheelbase ID.Buzz, and the ID.7 sedan come to market. This will be followed by the compact electric SUV in 2026, alongside the production version of the ID2all, and the 20,000 Euro EV. 

With this plan in place by 2026, Volkswagen is aiming to achieve an electric car share of 80 percent in the European market. 

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