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Next generation Juke EV? Nissan reveals a new electric SUV concept

Olek Novak

Nissan has unveiled its latest concept, this time previewing an experimental electric vehicle called the ‘Hyper Punk’

The fourth and last concept vehicle to be released by Nissan ahead of the Japan Mobility Show is perhaps its wildest design yet – the ‘Hyper Punk’ electric crossover, which Nissan say is ‘designed for content creators and artists’.

It’s possible that this latest Nissan concept could preview an electric third generation of Nissan’s funky Juke small SUV, or potentially even a future design direction for the electric Nissan Leaf, which is reportedly set to transform into an SUV from 2026. 

The latest reveal follows Nissan’s unveiling of the Qashqai-esque small SUV Hyper Urban, the Hyper Adventure SUV and Hyper Tourer people mover concept EVs over the past three weeks.

The Hyper Punk is the fourth and final concept to be revealed by Nissan ahead of the Japan Mobility Show

While those concepts have featured striking and futuristic designs too, they have also had some emphasis on practicality and spaciousness, to greater or lesser degree. 

In contrast, the two-door Hyper Punk goes all out on ‘self-expression through connectivity’, according to Nissan.

Nissan’s AI to digitise the real world

Key to the design, say Nissan, is connection ‘between the virtual/physical and the inside/outside worlds’ in what could be a major evolution of the head-up display (HUD) or even virtual reality found in many cars today. 

The futuristic design of the Hyper Punk is targeted at ‘content creators and artists’

The Hyper Punk features unique technology compared to the other concept EVs including on board cameras which record scenery around the car and then use AI to convert it to ‘manga (Japanese comic)-style scenery or graphic patterns according to the owner’s preferences’. 

Inside the vehicle, those graphics and images are then projected onto a three-screen display arranged around the driver. Nissan says this creates a space ‘where reality and the world of the metaverse merges’.

Key to the car is a futuristic interior which Nissan says is designed to create connection between inside and outside worlds

It’s not the only innovation we’ve seen when it comes to HUDs as of late, with BMW recently showing off a surround-style screen in its Neue Klasse concept. 

A ‘mobile creative studio’

Like the trio of electric vehicles revealed before it, the latest Nissan concept also includes a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) EV technology that ensures it can be used as a power source in order to share the ‘vehicle’s energy with collaborators and at local community events.’

Nissan refers to the Hyper Punk as a ‘mobile creative studio’

The Japanese brand also goes a step further in referring to the vehicle as a ‘mobile creative studio’ which provides drivers and passengers with internet connectivity, linking to occupants’ devices and creative equipment in order to allow them to ‘create on the go’. 

Aggressively futuristic styling continues

As well as this, the Hyper Pink includes ‘AI and headrest biosensors’ which can detect the driver’s mood and choose the right music and lighting to suit. 

As with all concepts, what you see here will likely be toned down significantly if the vehicle was to go into production, but that’s not to say some details can’t be retained in a more restrained form. 

Nissan notes the use of ‘origami-styled elements’ on the exterior design which features ‘polygonal’ surfaces throughout the body and on the massive 23-inch wheels. 

One of Nissan’s promotional pictures for the youth-targeted design

Together with the large wheels, the ‘compact overhangs’ make the crossover versatile for city driving and off-roading, according to Nissan.

It also features silver paint which changes tone depending on angle and lighting.

As well as being on physical display at the Japan Mobility Show with its fellow ‘Hyper’-family concepts, Nissan has also announced that the vehicles will be able to be explored further within the online game Fortnite under the name ‘Electrify the World’ in a clear attempt to attract the attention of younger buyers 

Both the Japan Mobility Show and Fortnite tie-in begin from October 25.