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New Toyota Prado all but confirmed by US-market Land Cruiser reveal


The all-new North American Toyota Land Cruiser has finally been unveiled so what does it tell us about the new-generation Prado?

The launch of the next Toyota Prado is imminent, and now we have a great first look of what could be coming to Australia with the unveiling of the US-market Land Cruiser

We know that the next Prado for Australia is very likely to be an iteration of this US-spec Land Cruiser, though some small differences are expected.

This new ‘Land Cruiser’ is not to be confused with the Land Cruiser 300 Series we have right here in Australia – the new Land Cruiser will be smaller in dimensions and is not likely to feature the V6 turbo-petrol engine found in the closely related Lexus GX if previous reports are to be believed.

This is the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser for the US market

The US-spec Land Cruiser features two different front ends, with one featuring more retro-inspired aesthetics. It’s uncertain just yet which look Australia could receive. 

We’re created a full spec-for-spec comparison with the new model and the 300 Series, current Prado in a separate article. 

The Australian-specified Prado is set to be announced shortly, before it likely goes on sale on local shores during 2024.

Toyota Prado Kakadu 2022-8
The current-generation Toyota Prado Kakadu

Off-road capabilities compared 

When compared to the current generation of the Australian-delivered Toyota Prado, the new Land Cruiser is 94mm longer in length, and 21mm shorter in height but 253mm wider – although its unsure whether the measurements given are with or without side mirrors. 

Both vehicles have identical 220mm ground clearance, however the new Land Cruiser has a 59mm longer wheelbase. 

This is the US-spec Land Cruiser 1958 edition with its more retro looks

The new Land Cruiser has an approach angle of 30 degrees and a departure angle of 22 degrees, with a breakover angle of 25 degrees.

Meanwhile, the existing Land Cruiser Prado in Australia has an approach angle 30.4 degrees and a departure angle of 23.5 degrees, with a breakover angle of 21.1 degrees. 

What could the next Toyota Prado look like for Australia?

While the US-spec Land Cruiser will be exclusively powered by a 243kW/630Nm 2.4-litre I-Force Max hybrid engine, this may not be the case for Australia. 

The next Toyota Prado for Australia could look a lot like this

It’s likely that Australian-delivered Prados will also use an updated version of the current 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine found in the current Prado and Hilux ute, and could even feature mild-hybrid assistance (as has been confirmed for the diesel-powered current-generation Hilux). 

The 2.4-litre I-Force Max engine could still be used in Australia, given the strong popularity for Toyota’s frugal powertrains in the likes of the Camry sedan and RAV4 midsize SUV here in Australia.

The new Prado is set to ride upon the TNGA-F platform that also underpins the 300 Series Land Cruiser along with the US-market Toyota Tundra and Tacoma pickups.

The US market will use a 2.4-litre I-Force Max hybrid engine

As seen with the change over to the 200 to 300 Series Land Cruiser, the grade lineup is likely to remain familiar, with the usual GX, GXL, VX and Kakadu models likely to be joined by newer grades, with the most likely option being a retro-styled GR Sport.

Chasing Cars predicts that the rumoured retro styling of the US-market Land Cruiser could come to Australia, but not on every variant.  

What sort of standard specifications could feature for the Australian Prado?

Inside the new Toyota Land Cruiser for 2024

The Australian-spec Prado has not yet been confirmed, however we can look at what the standard features are on the US-spec Land Cruiser which could also be available on Australian-delivered Prados:

  • Rear locking differential 
  • Toyota heritage grille (likely to be optional on some variants) 
  • Round LED headlights
  • LED fog lights 
  • 18-inch alloy wheels with 245/70 all-terrain tyres 
  • 8.0-inch touchscreen
  • Six speaker sound system
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Fabric and manual seats 
High-spec Land Cruisers will leather seats and bigger screens

High spec Prados could come with the following features:

  • Larger 12.3-inch touchscreen
  • 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster 
  • 10-speaker sound system
  • Leather seats with heating and ventilation 
  • Roof rack
  • Roof rails
  • Front skid plate for added protection 
  • Larger 265/70 all terrain tyres 
  • Mudflaps