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MG Cyberster to become marque’s first affordable EV sports car


MG might go back to its roots by building a new convertible sports car – however it’ll be far from its petrol-engined origins

Last year, the MG Cyberster concept was revealed to the public as a nod to the brand’s British sports car heritage. 

A production version for the EV convertible car was confirmed after the Shanghai Motor Show where more than 5000 prospective buyers registered their interest. 

While MG has yet to confirm the sports car for the Australian market, it’s expected to be launched globally in 2024 as part of the MG centenary celebrations.

MG Cyberster rear 3/4 view
The MG Cyberster is a very futuristic-looking sports car

“We are working on a surprise for you guys,” a spokesperson for MG told Autocar

“Of course we know we were the affordable sports car brand in the past, and now we are the new electric vehicle brand, and we will surprise you. We will be in markets that nobody has been in before.” 

With no rivals currently on sale, the MG Cyberster could serve as an electric equivalent to the Mazda MX-5 and would likely be far cheaper than a Tesla Roadster.

MG became a prominent brand in the 1950s and 1960s as the creator of sports cars such as the MGA, MGB and later, the MGF.

MG Cyberster front 3/4 view
Power will likely come from a rear-mounted electric motor

So what is the MG Cyberster exactly?

The Cyberster has only been seen in concept form, where it appeared as a very futuristic looking sports car that wouldn’t be out of place if featured in the movies Speed Racer or Tron

When it arrives in production form, it will likely be far more toned down – and feature side mirrors.

Specification and power outputs have not been released just yet for the Cyberster, however MG claimed that the concept version of the car had a benchmarked 0-100km/h time of under three seconds and an estimated driving range of 800km. 

MG Cyberster interior shot
The wild steering wheel is unlikely to make it to production

Given enough grunt, a single electric motor at the rear axle will be enough to put the wind in your hair and retain the classic rear-wheel drive dynamics of sports cars today

More information on this car will likely launch closer to 2024. Will this be the first electric convertible sports car? We will have to wait and see.

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