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Audi rolls out Apple Music to a wide range of models, Australian availability unconfirmed


Audi has moved to offer more streamlined entertainment in its cars by introducing Apple Music to both new and existing models

Audi has announced it will integrate Apple Music into a vast range of its vehicles in several major markets – though the feature is yet to be confirmed for Australia.

The music streaming service will be installed on 2022 model-year vehicles in Japan, North America and Europe, and added to select used models via over-the-air updates.

Audi Apple Music 2022 screen
Audi will integrate Apple Music 2022 into its future and current vehicles

Rather than piggy-backing off a phone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, Apple Music will be pre-installed into Audi’s internal software and operate using the car’s cellular data. 

Apple Music is the second most popular music service behind Spotify and provides access to 90 million songs, with the monthly cost starting at $9.99 in Australia.

While Audi is yet to confirm if Apple Music will be offered on its Australian-market models, it’s likely that the streaming service will be integrated eventually, though perhaps later than the aforementioned overseas markets.

Audi’s newest models such as the E-tron large electric SUV and E-tron GT electric super sedan are likely to be among the vehicles featuring the integration of Apple Music, however the German carmaker has so far been coy about what models will be compatible. 

Audi Apple Music 2022 dash
Integrated apps are becoming more popular as people look to cars for entertainment

Integrated apps gaining popularity

Car markers are moving to integrate more applications directly into the infotainment system of cars, as buyers look to their vehicles for entertainment as well as transport.

Volvo, and its all-electric brand Polestar, has adopted a Google-based software system that allows users to install Spotify and other apps directly.

Other carmakers such as Tesla are taking it a step further by allowing occupants to use the YouTube app or play video games when the car is at a standstill. 

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