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Volkswagen’s Project Trinity to slash EV charging times, cut weight


Volkswagen’s flagship electric sedan is coming by 2028 with greatly improved charging speeds, weight reduction and more advanced driving technologies 

Volkswagen is well on the way to producing its next flagship electric vehicle and has codenamed it Project Trinity. 

As a combination of driver assistance and electric vehicle technologies, the special project is set to debut in a large-sized flagship sedan, similar in size to the current Passat

Auto Express reports that the future Project Trinity will be capable of charging as fast as it takes to refuel a petrol car, and will be built in the brand’s Wolfsburg plant. 

We can’t see much from this teaser, but the Project Trinity is coming!

Volkswagen has invested a staggering £75 billion (AUD$142 billion) over the next five years for this program, which intertwines with the upcoming SSP (Scalable Systems) platform

The new Project Trinity vehicle is also set to feature advanced automated driving as high as Level 4 autonomy, which is essentially a vehicle that can drive itself in many situations. For reference, the next step up is Level 5 complete autonomy.  

Volkswagen also intends for the Project Trinity to be lighter than current EVs, as the segment struggles with heavy and dense battery packs. 

Volkswagen ID3 MEB platform
The current Volkswagen MEB platform will be replaced by SSP in 2028

The important project for Volkswagen was set to launch in 2026, however it has since been delayed till roughly 2028. 

What exactly is Project Trinity and what will it replace?

The technologies and hardware in Project Trinity will eventually form the basis for the majority of the Volkswagen Group’s electric products. 

The Trinity could be a similar shape to the current Volkswagen Passat

Initially announced in 2021, Project Trinity was teased as a large electric sedan designed to “set new standards in terms of range, charging speed and digitization”. 

Although unconfirmed, it’s likely that technology which debuts in the Trinity will underpin an entirely new range of vehicles around the late 2020s. 

Trinity is set to replace the MEB and PPE electric Volkswagen Group platforms and will be built upon the upcoming SSP platform. 

Front left three quarter view of a 2024 Volkswagen ID3 Pro S in dark olivine green
Volkswagen’s MEB-based will be replaced by SSP in the future

Volkswagen’s SSP platform has been promised to deliver 800-volt hardware and can reportedly deliver up to 1260kW of power

Being a scalable platform, this will allow Volkswagen to build many different body styles on one platform.  

Until the SSP platform comes to life, the majority of the Volkswagen Group electric cars will be based off the now commonly-used MEB platform (Cupra Born, Skoda Enyaq, Volkswagen ID3), the J1 platform (Porsche Taycan, Audi E-tron GT) and the PPE platform (Porsche Macan EV).

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