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Tesla’s next-gen platform is creeping closer, Musk wants to build 10 models by 2030


Company chief executive officer Elon Musk has told Tesla investors he estimates the company will have 10 models in production by 2030 

Tesla has gone into more detail about its future models and third-generation platform during its first Investor’s Day held at its Texas gigafactory. 

During the conference, when asked about future models going forward, chief executive officer Elon Musk said that there would be around 10 Tesla models by 2030. 

This would mean that the current 3, Y, X and S models will most likely be joined by the Cybertruck, Roadster and three all-new models on the new platform, including the much anticipated ‘Model 2’ that would place a focus on affordability. 

Tesla Investor Day presentation slide
The presentation slide showing the two mystery models on the right

The brand wants to build 20 million cars in 2030, a significant lift from its current figure of 1.8 million cars sold per year. 

But Tesla is expanding at a rapid rate, having produced its most recent one million cars in a time period of just seven months. 

Two secret models shown in presentation, next-gen coming 

Tesla Investor Day presentation slide 2
One of these models could be the affordable Tesla Model 2

During the presentation, Tesla showed two covered models that resembled a large van or SUV and a smaller vehicle. 

The larger sized vehicle could be the upcoming autonomous Robotaxi, while the smaller vehicle could be the Model 2 that we have speculated on already. 

What we know is that the next-gen platform is not designed for just one vehicle, meaning it could spawn several derivatives. Tesla has confirmed that next-gen cars will be built in the company’s upcoming Mexico factory, along with other Tesla sites such as the ones in Texas and Shanghai. 

Tesla Model 3 white studio shot front 3/4
Tesla wants to build 20 million cars a year in 2030

But when asked specifically about the secret next-gen car and its potential powertrain and performance, Musk said “ I think we will have to decline that question”. 

However, Musk did say that a product event would be happening in the future.  

Tesla has also said it will put more focus into refining lithium – one of the crucial elements to electric car batteries – with a new plant built in Texas. 

2012 Tesla Model S badge
Tesla has also invested in lithium refining sites in the US

Musk and his team have also stressed the importance of affordability for their cars going forward. 

“Demand is much a function of affordability, not desire,” Musk said. 

“As we lower the price, how much does demand increase? Affordability is what matters, but the hard part is building the cars and the entire supply chain that goes with the cars”.

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