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Tesla Model 3 2023: prices increased again after recent discounting spree


Tesla reduced the price of its Model 3 sedan recently, but the American brand has decided to increase costs again by $400 

Tesla Australia has increased the prices of its Model 3 sedan and Model Y midsize SUV, just weeks after it lowered prices by up to $3100. 

But as of late February 2023, the Model 3 is now $400 more expensive, now starting from $64,300 before on-road costs for the base rear-wheel drive variant. 

For a dual-motor, prices now start at $77,300 before on-road costs for the long range variant, while the flagship performance dual-motor now costs $90,300 before on-road costs. 

Tesla Model 3 red top down static
Prices for the Model 3 have gone up slightly after previous price reductions

Despite the increase, Tesla has positioned its Model 3 cheaper than Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 which starts from $72,000 before on-road costs for the Dynamiq rear-wheel drive. 

The flagship Ioniq 5, the Epiq all-wheel drive, costs $85,000 before on-road costs, more than $5000 cheaper than the Tesla Model 3’s flagship performance variant. 

Tesla Model 3: power, range and battery sizes

Tesla supercharger with model 3
The base Model 3 is powered by a 57.5kWh usable battery pack

The entry-level Model 3 rear-wheel drive is fitted with a 57.5kWh usable battery pack that can provide up to 491km of range (WLTP). 

The rear-mounted electric motor produces 208kW/420Nm and is capable of accelerating to 100km/h in 6.1 seconds. 

The long range dual-motor variant uses a larger 75kWh usable battery pack that allows for an estimated driving range of 602km (WLTP). Power and torque for this model is rated at 366kW/493Nm

Tesla Model 3 charging blue 2022
Tesla’s performance Model 3 has outputs of 393kW/660Nm

The flagship Model 3 Performance uses the same 75kWh battery pack as the long-range, but boosts power and torque outputs up to 393kW/660Nm

Tesla Model 3 2023: prices in Australia

All prices listed are before on-road costs.

  • Rear wheel drive: $64,300 (+$400)
  • Long range: $77,300 (+$400)
  • Performance: $90,300 (+$400)