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EV wall chargers: which car companies offer home installation for electric car chargers?


If I buy an electric car, how can I charge it, and how much will it cost if I want to do it at home?

Electric cars are becoming more and more common on Australian shores, with over 21,000 electric cars sold to date in 2022 alone. 

But when you buy an electric car, how do you charge it and, more importantly, make it work within your daily routine?

While public charging infrastructure is getting better and better, many owners also choose to charge at home. 

Genesis Electrified GV70 2023 charging plug
Electric vehicles can be charged through public or private setups

Here is a guide on the options available for home EV charging and which manufacturers offer a home charge setup. 

What you need to know about home EV chargers

Wall chargers for your electric vehicle are available with either single- or three-phase power outputs. Single phase is usually around 7kW output, while three-phase can be up to 22kW. Not all houses or apartments are fitted with three-phase power, so it’s best to check before ordering a wall charger for your property. 

Wall chargers installed in your home provide AC power and differ greatly from the electric car fast chargers you may find at a rest stop or in a shopping centre. 

Ev chargers China
High power chargers are available in public areas

Public DC chargers are much faster, with most in New South Wales being 50kW. However, ultra-fast chargers can provide up to 350kW of power, charging vehicles suitable for this infrastructure to up to 80 percent within 20 minutes or less. 

There are several plugs for charging EVs, however Type 2 and combined charging system (CCS) plugs are most common in Australia. 

Transport NSW has a great ‘how-to’ guide on EV charging that you can find here

Lexus UX 300e wall charger
A Lexus UX 300e plugged in to a wall charger


Tesla offers its very own wall connector for charging your EV at home and is compatible with the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y

Charging output is rated at 11kW and Tesla says that installation could cost between $750 – $1500. 


Polestar does not manufacture its own wall charger. Instead, the Swedish brand recommends the services of several wall charge companies such as Jet Charge, EVSE Australia, Chargers Direct and Evolution Australia. 

Polestar 2 in Polestar space 2022
Polestar is unlike Tesla in that it does not offer an in-house wall charger

Please see below a breakdown of these wall charger manufacturers.


For Hyundai’s electric vehicles such as the Ioniq 5, the company recommends installing a Wallbox Pulsar Plus in your home that has outputs of 7.4kW for single phase and 22kW for three-phase power. 

Recommended installation is through Jet Charge. 

Hyundai Ioniq 5 2022 plug charging
Hyundai uses Jet Charge as its wall charging installer


With Lexus’ Platinum encore electric experience, a home charger installation is included complimentary for both the UX300e or NX450h+ models. 

The wall box is provided and installed by Jet Charge at no extra cost and is a single-phase charger with a 7kW output. 

A three-year Chargefox subscription is also included with the Lexus Encore Platinum membership. 

2023 Lexus UX 300e blue front 3/4
If you get the Lexus’ encore platinum membership, a wall charger is complimentary


BMW Australia offers its Wallbox Plus that can charge at up to 22kW on three-phase or 7.4kW on single-phase. 

We found pricing for BMW Wallbox systems in Sydney for around $1200 excluding installation. 


Mercedes-Benz Australia offers a home wall charger supplied by Jet Charge, however it has been extensively tested by Mercedes-Benz and has an output of 11kW for three-phase or 7.2KW on single phase power. 

Mercedes-Benz EQV 2022 charging panel
The Mercedes-Benz charging station that can be installed in homes

Other major players in the EV charger space

There are several Australian companies that work independently from the car manufacturers to install wall chargers in homes for those who have purchased an electric vehicle. 

If the manufacturer does not offer an in-house charging solution, these companies will be able to supply a home wall box for you. 

Jet Charge

Jet Charge states that it is the official partner for almost every vehicle manufacturer selling electric vehicles in Australia. 

Jet Charge offers both single-phase and three-phase charging options for your home. We found the price of a Wallpod with integrated charging cord for $1250. Jet Charge offers a five percent discount if it is installed through Jet Charge. 

Volvo C40 2023 review charging
Charging your EV is much more convenient if you have an installation in your home

Another option offered by the charging company is apartment wall box setups, which are becoming increasingly popular. Jet Charge is able to facilitate an installation as well as monitor power usage in a communal building. 

EVSE chargers 

Another big player in the EV charging market is EVSE. A range of options are available, however installation bundles are available for around the $1800 mark for a 7.2kW system.

The Ocular system is compatible with a range of manufacturers including Audi, BMW, BYD, Hyundai, Kia and Polestar. 

Genesis Electrified GV70 2023 charging white
Public chargers are great, but are not as convenient as a wall charger at home

Wallbox Australia

Wallbox is a major player in the electric vehicle charging space and has multiple options available.

The Pulsar Plus is the main charger sold by the company and is available in either 7.4kW or 22kW guise. It’s currently on sale for $1600.