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Dacia could come to Australia, but there are “no guarantees in life” says Renault Australia


Renault Australia says it’s studying and working on Dacia for Australia, but there are no firm guarantees

Renault could one day bring its value-focused Dacia sub-brand to Australia, though it’s not confirmed just yet. 

The brand’s local managing director Glen Sealey told Chasing Cars that there are two Dacia models being studied by Renault for a future local launch.

“Our interest is in two [models], the Duster and the Bigster. There’s no guarantees in life with Renault, but certainly that’s the vehicles we are studying and working on”. 

2022 Dacia Bigster concept front 3/4 static
The Dacia Bigster has been named as one model Renault Australia is interested in

When asked about cheaper Dacia models sold overseas, including the electric Spring, Sealey said that important duty duty fees and low electric ranges had basically ruled out such cars for Australia. 

What are the Dacia Duster and Bigster models?

The Duster is a small SUV produced by Dacia, but the model is also available as a ute that could prove to be popular if sold in Australia. 

2022 Dacia Spring electric charging
The Dacia Spring is unlikely for Australia due to having a small electric range

The Bigster, meanwhile, is a new flagship SUV vehicle that is set to be launched likely in 2024 as a competitor to the Haval H6 and Subaru Forester.

It’ll likely be based on the CMF-B platform that could see hybrid or full electric power feature. 

Dacia began as a Romanian car company, but was sold by the Romanian Government to Renault in 1999. 

Dacia cars are currently sold throughout Europe, North Africa and the United Kingdom.

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