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Hyundai to add wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to navigation-equipped models


As wireless smartphone connectivity becomes the norm among its rivals, Hyundai has finally solved a major bugbear

Hyundai will finally offer wireless capability for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone mirroring software on models equipped with navigation, it has been confirmed, with the second-generation Kona small SUV the first model to gain wireless functionality.

Until now, Hyundai, Kia and Genesis models fitted with integrated satellite navigation have never provided buyers with the wireless version of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto due to a years-long scuffle with a major smartphone software manufacturer.

Hyundai will soon roll out wireless Apple Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to new and existing buyers

Chasing Cars understands that the dispute involved whether Hyundai or the smartphone mirroring software would have priority access to the “navigation” shortcut button inside the cabin.

The problem did not affect Hyundai models that did not include a factory navigation system, as there was no such priority issue.

Hyundai buyers could be saying goodbye to their cable for the last time

However, the resolution means that new Hyundai models with integrated satellite navigation will now have wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto – and even some existing cars already on the road will be eligible for an update due to backwards compatibility.

The Korean car maker plans to roll out the change to multiple vehicles including the new-generation Kona in the fourth quarter of this year, from October 2023 onwards.

What Hyundai models can get the wireless CarPlay update?

Hyundai Australia PR senior manager Guido Shenken told Chasing Cars the change would also be “backward-compatible on some models” but was unable to confirm which, beyond the Kona.

“The ‘fix’ will be in the form of a software update, but as yet we cannot confirm which models the backward compatibility will apply to. We’ll update you with more details in the coming months.”

NEW UPDATE (27 June 2023): Hyundai’s Guido Schenken has told Chasing Cars that Hyundai is investigating which models will have backward-compatibility. There is high confidence that new-generation Kona examples delivered before Q4 2023 will be capable of being updated. There is lower confidence that other recent models will be able to be updated. This reflects lower confidence than yesterday’s stance on backwards-compatibility.

The new-generation Kona will be the first to adopt the change in Q4

The software update will largely be disturbed by over the air update functionality but it is unclear how vehicles without this feature will be updated.

Over-the-air update functionality is relatively new to Hyundai vehicles, with the Palisade the first model to adopt it in the range last year, before it followed through with the Tucson, Venue and Ioniq 6.

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