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Google updates Android Auto for 2023, bringing more features and an improved layout


Google has launched a refreshed Android Auto at the CES show in Las Vegas with more functionality than ever before 

This week, Google announced it would be bringing a significant update to its Android Auto phone mirroring software. 

Updates include new short cuts, a new layout, a split screen for music and navigation and future YouTube integration. 

Users will also be able to make calls using WhatsApp for the very first time. 

2023 Android Auto maps and music split screen
The new Android Auto will be able to split screen functions

Google says that the new update for Android Auto is available now and will be immediately rolled out across the globe. 

What’s changed with the new 2023 Android Auto?

Google has first and foremost updated the way Android Auto looks on a vehicle’s screen, splitting navigation and music into two separate panels. 

2023 Android Auto standard screen
Google says it has moved the maps closer to the driver so it is within eyesight

This will work particularly well for those vehicles with much wider screens, however it will be interesting to see how this integrates into older infotainment screens. 

Google says that this new layout not only makes it easier for users to navigate the software but also makes it more personalised. 

A new ‘quick launcher’ shows recently used apps, while other features such as phone battery levels, signal and time remain just like in the previous system. 

2023 Android Auto wide screen split
Android Auto for 2023 will work with an array of screen sizes

Google has also added a progress bar for music and podcasts so that listeners can skip ahead or back if they wish to. 

Smart key sharing for vehicles has also been announced for the Android Auto system, meaning that owners can share their digital car key between Android and iPhone. 

This technology has already been announced for BMW models, however Google says more manufacturers are set to adopt the tech in the future. 

Kia Picanto GT 2022 central touchscreen
The outgoing Android Auto as used on the screen of the Kia Picanto GT

Google to join forces with more car manufacturers to run Android Automotive

Google and Ford have partnered to bring Google OS to the manufacturer’s vehicles, however this is not the first time that this operating system has been used in new cars. 

Volvo C40 2023 Android Automotive maps screen
Volvo and Polestar are using Google’s Android Automotive software

The entire range of models built by Volvo and Polestar use Google OS, or Android Automotive as it is more commonly known, for their infotainment system. 

Future models such as the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado EV, 2023 Honda Accord and the GMC Hummer EV are planned to use this same system.