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What is the I-Venture Club? Isuzu’s off-road course explained


Isuzu has a great way of helping new Isuzu owners to get more comfortable with their vehicles 

Have you ever had burning questions about your new four-wheel drive, or simply want to learn how to comfortably use it when off road? Well, Isuzu has a solution.

One of the most intriguing parts of the Isuzu business is their I-Venture Club program. 

An Australia-wide tour, I-Venture Club is open to all who own an Isuzu vehicle, whether that be a D-Max ute or MU-X SUV. The tour gives those who have purchased an Isuzu the opportunity to learn more about how their vehicle works in off-road situations. 

2023 Isuzu Drive experience I-Venture Club D-Max
I-Venture Club drive experiences can be a great way to learn more about your 4×4

Besides customer off-roading tuition and experiences, Isuzu also offers towing lessons as well for those who may have just bought a brand new caravan or boat and who are not 100 percent comfortable with towing. 

I-Venture holds events throughout Australia. Past locations for I-Venture Club experiences include Stockton Beach in NSW, Double Island Point in Queensland, several tracks in Western Australia and off-roading in Tasmania. 

2023 Isuzu Drive experience group shot
You’ll also meet other like-minded people who share similar driving passions!

Tips for off-road beach driving 

Isuzu’s off-road trainers told Chasing Cars at its recent media drive event that owners who are nervous or unsure about driving their vehicles off road often come away from the course feeling more confident and comfortable about the tasks and challenges covered in the experience. 

For a beach trip, the Isuzu experts recommend that you first check the local tide charts (this can be done through the Tide Times Australia app), lower your tyre pressures to around 20-25psi and treat the beach just like a regular road and obey all rules.

2023 Isuzu Drive experience silver MU-X driving on beach
Sand driving is very different to a normal bitumen road, but it can be rewarding and fun, too

If you do happen to become bogged while on the beach, put your vehicle into low range and try to reverse out of the spot. 

It’s always handy to pack some recovery gear, too, such as a snatch strap or Maxtrax, to help you get out of a tricky spot if the situation arises. 

It may also be handy to travel in a group of vehicles rather than on your own. Travelling alone will mean it will be a lot more difficult to get out of a difficult situation. 

Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain 2023 rear 3/4
Getting stuck is certainly not fun, but there are ways to avoid it

How to access Isuzu’s  I-Venture Club

Information about the I-Venture Club, upcoming events, general 4×4 driving tips and more is linked on the official Isuzu Ute public website

I-Venture Club experiences vary in theme, duration and pricing. 

The upcoming Queensland Towing event, in March 2023, is indicative of an I-Venture Club course. The one-day event offers 12 spots at $450 per spot, each covering caravan, boat and horse float tow hitching and manoeuvring with qualified instructors. 

2023 Isuzu Drive experience group shot beach
Isuzu I-Venture Club events range from $250 to $350 for a whole day intensive course

Each spot includes two customers per vehicle/tuition, a dedicated trainer and supplied breakfast and lunch meals.  

One day off-road courses range from $250 to $350 depending on the location, however Isuzu says each trip is heavily subsidised by the company to make events affordable and accessible for Isuzu owners. 

Isuzu’s I-Venture Club is open to all Isuzu D-Max and MU-X models, regardless of age or condition.