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Felicity Ace: Volkswagen-Porsche ship on fire, NO Australian customer cars aboard – confirmed


The stricken ship Felicity Ace was carrying a significant number of Porsche and Volkswagen cars between Germany, and the United States

The car transport ship Felicity Ace is on fire in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal, according to reports from that country’s navy.

A car-carrier vessel carrying a significant load of Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles, the crew of the Felicity Ace have reportedly abandoned ship after a fire broke out aboard.

Porsche 911 Turbo 2022 rear 3/4 driving
The Felicity Ace was carrying Volkswagen and Porsche models to the United States

Porsche dealers this morning had contacted a number of customers in the United States to advise them that their vehicles, en route from Germany, had been lost.

A spokesperson for Porsche Cars Australia confirmed with Chasing Cars that no Australian-bound Porsche models were aboard the Felicity Ace.

Soon after, a spokesperson for Volkswagen Group Australia – the distributor of Audi, Volkswagen, Cupra and Skoda models in Australia – said there were no Australian customer cars on the stricken vessel.

Felicity Ace on fire 2022-1
Pictured: the stricken Felicity Ace

The cause of the fire is currently unknown, as is the current state of the ship. The last update from the Portuguese Navy included a photograph of the car-carrier on fire but still on the surface.

Catastrophes involving car-carrier ships occur a few times per decade on average, with the most recent significant losses being the MV Modern Express in 2016 and the listing of the Range Rover-carrier Hoegh Osaka in 2015.

We’ll update this story if and when additional news is forthcoming.

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