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Evie increases cost of EV charging in Australia for 2024


The price increase for electric vehicle charging will come into effect from 18 January, 2024 

Electric vehicle power supplier Evie has increased its prices for 2024 across its range of public-use 22kW, 50kW, 150kW and 350kW chargers in Australia. 

Evie, who has more than 200 charging locations in Australia, said that the decision to lift rates “is driven by our commitment to investing in a top-notch, reliable, and expansive charging network across the country”. 

2023 Peugeot 308 PHEV charging port hand
It’s becoming more expensive to charge an EV in Australia

Pricing for Evie public chargers are now listed as:

  • 22kW – 35c to 50c per kWh
  • 50kW fast charger – 50c to 58c per kWh
  • 150kW super fast chargers – 60c to 68c per kWh
  • 350kW ultra-fast chargers – 65c to 73c per kWh

Evie claims with the rise in electric charging rates, a typical 25kWh charging session will become roughly $2 more expensive than before.

Evie charging station carpark
A set of Evie charging stations

The new price rise now makes Evie the most expensive company to charge with for 350kW ultra-rapid charging.  

How does Evie compare to Chargefox and Ampol’s AmpCharge?

Chargefox currently charges $0.60 per kWh for its 350kW ultra-rapid chargers, while its 50kW charger costs $0.45 per kWh. 

Ampol Ampcharge charging vehicle 2022
Evie’s competitors include Chargefox and Ampol’s Ampcharge

Meanwhile, Ampol’s Ampcharge network currently uses 150kW chargers, and costs $0.69 per kWh which is more expensive than what Chargefox and Evie charge for their 350kW sessions. 

The BP Pulse chargers, which use the Tritium system, can provide 75kW each, however the company says they are able to be upgraded to 150kW.

BP states that its peak rate is $0.60 per kWh, while the off-peak weekend rate is $0.50 per kWh.