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Australian shopping centres set to gain Ampol EV chargers under Mirvac partnership


More EV chargers are coming to a group of shopping centres near you, with the new partnership to boost the public EV charge network  

Major energy and fuel company Ampol will join forces with Australian shopping centre and building developer Mirvac to bring more chargers to retail spaces across the country. 

These sites will initially be in Sydney, and will include Broadway Sydney, South Eveleigh and Orion Springfield Central as some of the key sites. 

The first installation will take place in late 2023. 

Ampol service station branding 2022
Ampol and Mirvac have begun a partnership to deliver more EV chargers to shopping centres

The new partnership with Ampol will see the amount of chargers in Mirvac’s retail space “more than double”. Mirvac first rolled out EV charging services in its retail buildings and shopping centres six years ago. 

But there won’t just be new EV chargers in New South Wales alone. Ampol has a wider commitment to bring more than 300 of its AmpCharge electric vehicle chargers to more than 100 sites across Australia. 

Mirvac currently operates 12 shopping centres around Australia, so expect to see more of Ampol’s AmpCharge network in these centres in the near future.  

Ampol Ampcharge charging vehicle 2022
The AmpCharge chargers will look something like this one

How many chargers are there now in Australia, and is it increasing?

According to a recent report by the Electric Vehicle Council, as of October 2022, there were a grand total of 3669 individual public chargers across 2147 locations in Australia. 

The report also states that there are 274 fast charging locations (between 24kW-99kW DC) and 82 ultra-fast charging locations (100kW+ DC). 

Ev chargers plug in hand
Australia still has a lot less chargers than other major countries

That works out to be a 15 percent increase over what the charging situation was like in Australia during 2021. 

However, this is still very much on the low end of the scale when you compare Australia with the likes of the USA, which has roughly 51,000 public stations. It must be said, though, that the United States has roughly 10 times the population of Australia.

The United Kingdom, a country that can easily fit inside the state of Queensland, had just over 34,000 chargers as of October 2022.