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Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Mazda Vision Coupe concept


Alongside the Kai concept car, Mazda has previewed the next generation of Mazda 6 sedan with a concept car at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda Vision Coupe provides an insight into the next generation of Mazda 6, a car that many critics have said will not be built due to falling worldwide sedan sales.

Like the next Mazda 3, the next Mazda 6 is likely to feature Mazda’s new SkyActiv-X platform and drivetrains and will likely become the most efficient non-hybrid petrol car in its class. The current Mazda 6, which has been on the market since 2012, is likely to continue for a couple of years more before the next generation model arrives.

2017 Mazda Vision Coupe front

Like the Kai concept car, the Mazda Vision Coupe could potentially provide clues as to what the next Mazda 6 will be styled like. Like the Kai, the Mazda Vision Coupe is evidence of a matured Kodo design language that is more minimalist than ever before. Taking some influence from the RX-Vision concept car from 2015, the Vision Coupe concept is low-slung and sporty, with a low and aggressive front end that offsets the coupe-like silhouette of the four-door sedan.

Pin-sharp headlights feature deep headlight bulbs, with huge alloy wheels and a side vent with sleek chrome leading off also featuring. Large brembo brakes sit behind the alloy wheels, with the rear profile and raked rear screen taking inspiration from the Lagonda Taraf luxury sedan from 2015. A large glass roof features, as does an aluminium central beam. At the rear, small and almost retro tailights feature with a large central Mazda badge, as well as four exhaust pipes, giving off a very sporting intent.

2017 Mazda Vision Coupe interior

Like the Kai concept car, the Mazda Vision Coupe’s interior is stunning. Featuring a very-Lexus LC layout with a swooping leather-covered dashboard and some attractive wood interior trim. The Vision Coupe’s interior also features some brushed aluminium and overall gives a very expensive and high quality vibe. LIke the Kai, the absence of a tablet-style screen is noticeable, especially for a brand that was a big initial investor in the concept. Thankfully, the MZD controller dial still features and gives a clue as to the next generation of Mazda infotainment.

2017 Mazda Vision Coupe rear 3/4

While the Mazda Vision Coupe concept car almost certainly previews the next Mazda 6 and other future products from the Japanese brand, it is entertaining to imagine what could become of the Vision Coupe. For example, a luxury coupe based off the same platform as the future RX-9 with an uprated version of the 2.0-litre supercharged engine that is due to feature in the next Mazda 3? A super electric or hybrid coupe sedan? A rotary-powered sports sedan to sit alongside the RX-9? One can dream.

2017 Mazda Vision Coupe rear

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