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New colours and equipment for BMW’s 6-Series tourers


BMW have today announced a range of design and equipment updates, designed to maintain the 6-Series range’s position as the “gold standard for sports performance, luxurious driving pleasure and distinctive aesthetics”.

In reality, most things are staying the same. The choice of three svelte body styles remains—the coupé, convertible, and four-door Gran Coupe all benefit from the changes—as do the petrol and diesel turbocharged sixes, and the two petrol V8s.

Echoing the development of the Luxury, Modern, and Sport Lines in more recent BMWs, separate trims will be available to emphasise the luxury or the sporting aspects of the 6-Series; the former served by the ‘Design Pure Excellence’ line, and the former by the ‘Design Pure Experience’. Because sometimes, ‘Luxury’ and ‘Sport’ are just too simple.

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Regardless of trim, all 6-Series receive an interior upgrade: bicolour leather, alongside an upgraded head-up display will be available, while ConnectedDrive navigation becomes standard, fitting social networking integration and concierge services to all 2015 models.

Outside, five new colours separate the new year’s cars from the old: Melbourne Red features at the top of this post. The other new choices are Jatoba, Cashmere Silver, Glacier Silver, and Mediterranean Blue.

While the power plants stay the same—the 230kW 640d, 235kW 640i, 330kW 650i and 412kW M6 all carry over—a more aggressive sports exhaust becomes standard fare on the petrols, with a switchable flap feeding more noise from up front into the cabin. And while you’re enjoying that noise, you also benefit from the newest form of BMW’s Driving Assistant Plus safety package.

Pricing is likely to remain fairly steady: the range kicks off at just under $177,000 for the 640i coupe, heading north all the way to $307,000 for an M6 convertible. We expect updated models to hit BMW’s Australian showrooms in early 2015.


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