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Volkswagen teases Golf R ‘333’ Limited Edition


This special Golf gets a louder Akropovic exhaust, new yellow paint – but is tipped for the German market only 

The new Volkswagen Golf R 333 Limited Edition will come with a louder exhaust and new colour – although sadly it’s “only available in Germany”.

Volkswagen teased the new special edition of its hot hatch in a “sneak peek” video on YouTube. 

2023 Volkswagen Golf R 333 Edition full
The teaser video features a strong yellow theme

Details are very thin on the ground, but the video reveals that the 333 Limited Edition will be the first Golf R available in Volkswagen’s Pomelo Yellow Metallic. In Australia, the Golf R is only available in Lapiz Blue, Pure White and Deep Black.

As is the case with all Golf R variants, it’s likely that this 333 Limited Edition will become a worthy rival for the likes of the Audi S3, Toyota GR Corolla, and the Honda Civic Type R.

Wearing Volkswagen’s R Performance Package, the 333 Limited Edition comes with gloss black 19-inch wheels, blue calipers and cross-drilled front brake rotors. Meanwhile black 333 decals give away the car’s intent.

2023 Volkswagen Golf R 333 Edition wheel
Blue brakes contrast the bold yellow finish of the Golf

The R Performance Package lifts the top speed from 250km/h to a bahn-storming 270km/h.

Power could hike to 245kW, the 333 a potential hint at the ‘PS’ power output figure. The recent Golf R 20 Year special edition came with 245kW and is capable of 0-100km/h in a launch control-assisted 4.6 seconds.

A newly fitted Akrapovic quad-tipped exhaust is expected to give the 333 Limited Edition a louder note at idle, more sound under hard acceleration and louder DSG ‘farts’.

2023 Volkswagen Golf R 333 Edition exhaust
The Akrapovic exhaust has almost become a staple on all hotted up Volkswagen models

Volkswagen will fully reveal the car on May 31.

Chasing Cars contacted Volkswagen Australia for comment, however the vehicle is not expected to come to Australia.

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