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Renault Australia has “significant interest” in the Renault 5 electric hatch reboot


If Renault decides to build its electric 5 hatch in right-hand drive, Renault Australia will have its hand up for it

Renault Australia has displayed significant interest in bringing the upcoming Renault 5 electric reboot to Australia when it launches sometime in 2024. 

While that’s a long way from a confirmation, Renault Australia’s manager director Glen Sealey said that if the conditions were right, Renault in Australia would put their hand up for the model. 

“I think it could work well, but the whole issue is that it has to work well for the Australian consumer and it has to work well for the OEM.” he said.

2022 Renault 5 concept front 3/4
The Renault 5 concept that could arrive around 2025

“If they make it in right hand drive, we’ve got our hand up. It’s then will they make an additional investment to engineer a car for ADRs in Australia.”

But when could we see the Renault 5 in Australia?

Renault Australia said that it would be around 2025 onwards for the 5, if it happens. 

2022 Renault 5 concept rear 3/4 white background
Renault has kept the same unique styling for the new model

What do we know so far about the Renault 5 reboot?

While much of the new Renault 5 is still under wraps, a concept version was revealed in 2022 that has been based on the CMF-B EV platform. 

It’s likely to have a similar electric drivetrain to the Megane E-Tech, so 160kW/300Nm would be in the ballpark for what is expected. Production is set to begin in 2024. 

2021 Renault 5 EV concept
The 5 EV could get a 160kW/300Nm tune for its electric motor

The reborn Renault 5 takes obvious inspiration from the original front-wheel drive Renault 5 hatch that was sold from 1972 to 1996. 

A turbo, mid-engined version was built primarily for use in rallying, but was also manufactured as a street version and sold between 1980-1986.

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