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BYD ute 2024: patent images of plug-in hybrid pickup break cover in China


Reports say that the BYD electric pickup or ute could debut in China by the end of 2023, with Australia likely to follow soon after

BYD is getting much closer to bringing its own dual-cab ute to market, with new patent images out of China suggesting a product debut is only months away. 

According to Car News China, patent images have been revealed of the BYD electric pickup, showing an aggressive stance and large BYD lettering across the grille face. 

The news comes after Chasing Cars was informed that a fully-electric BYD ute could arrive by 2024. 

2024 BYD ute patent image front 3/4
The BYD ute patent image. Credit: CarNewsChina

With LED C-shaped headlights that look much like the ones fitted to the current T6.2 Ford Ranger and F-150, the BYD ute also features a set of roof rails and a sports sailplane-like bar mounted on the rear tray. 

Reports also indicate that BYD’s upcoming ute will be part of the brand’s Ocean series of vehicles, joining the electric motor-powered Dolphin small electric car, Seal electric sedan and the Seagull micro electric car.  

An official name for the BYD ute has not yet been announced. 

2024 BYD ute patent image front angle
The ute has very similar headlights to a Ford Ranger or F-150. Credit: CarNewsChina

It’s estimated that the new ute from BYD could be shown to the public in production form before the end of 2023.   

Will the BYD ute be electric or combustion powered?

Car News China has confirmed that the BYD ute will be initially powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain and could later be available as a pure-electric ute. 

2023 BYD ute prototype side angle on road
The BYD ute prototype spotted out on the road

As reported by Chasing Cars some months ago, the BYD ute is likely to launch with a 1.5-litre petrol engine mated to a pair of electric motors. This plug-in hybrid model is set to produce around 150kW of power which would square the Chinese ute up against the likes of the upcoming Ford Ranger PHEV. 

A much higher output of up to 360kW will likely be reserved for a powerful BYD electric ute with two motors some way down the track, however, with BYD’s rapid expansion, we could see a full electric ute sooner rather than later.

There is also the possibility of a rear-wheel drive single motor electric version targeted at tradies and commercial workers, too.  

2023 BYD ute prototype front 3/4 static
The BYD ute will have both PHEV and electric powertrains

Towing capacity for the BYD electric ute has not been stated, however it is estimated that the upcoming ute could be able to tow around 2500-3000kg.   

BYD Automotive’s Luke Todd has also previously confirmed to Chasing Cars in 2022 that a fully electric ute would launch locally by 2024, though it’s unclear if this is still the case. Chasing Cars has reached out for clarification. 

How big will the BYD ute be? 

Although there is now a clear market for large-size pickup trucks here in Australia, the upcoming BYD ute is not set to be a Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado rival. 

The BYD ute is likely to be similar in size to the Toyota Hilux

Pictures of the vehicle on the road show the new BYD plug-in hybrid ute to be more the size of the current Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux.

Expect dimensions to be somewhere around 5300mm long, 1900mm wide and 1860mm tall, with an approximate wheelbase of 3000mm.  

What could the BYD cost, and will it be the first EV ute?

2024 BYD ute patent image side angle rear shot
A cool sailplane-style bar can be seen at the rear

BYD won’t be the first to bring an electric ute to Australia: LDV has already achieved that feat with its eT60 ute back in 2022. 

However, the brand could certainly bring a more affordable EV BYD ute to market in only a couple of years time.

Could BYD bring an electrified ute to market for less than $100,000 before on-road costs? 

2023 BYD Dolphin front 3/4
BYD is having a lot of success selling cars in Australia

It’s certainly possible, as we have seen the company be very competitive with the pricing of their Atto 3 and Dolphin electric vehicle range. 

An entry-level variant with plug-in hybrid power could be priced from around $60,000 before on-road costs, with a full electric version to sit around $80,000 before on-road costs.

BYD vehicles are now a major seller in Australia, with the new BYD ute only to add to the successes of the brand so far. 

A Chinese market launch for the upcoming plug-in hybrid BYD ute is expected before the end of 2023.