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Why Polestar decided to go against the grain with rear-wheel drive


So many cars today use a front- or all-wheel drive layout, but the updated Polestar 2 now uses a rear-wheel-drive setup

When the Polestar 2 first launched, its single-motor variant came only with power going to the front wheels.

But now, the MY24 Polestar 2 has ditched front-drive for a rear-wheel drive layout. 

At the Australian launch of the updated 2 sedan, Polestar Australia’s senior manager of customer service Matt McCroarey said that the reason behind the change came down to a few factors.

MY24 Polestar 2 long range single motor rear 3/4 static
The MY24 Polestar 2 long range single motor is now rear-wheel drive

“We looked at the Polestar heritage that we have come from. It’s better efficiency, better range, better charge capabilities. It becomes more of a driver’s car.

“A lot of people like rear wheel drive in a sedan model. We’ve listened to the feedback from customers”. 

But it’s not just about driving dynamics, but weight, too, with McCroarey confirming that a rear-drive setup removes a lot of the weight from the front of the car. 

MY24 Polestar 2 long range dual motor driving shot rear 3/4
We could possibly see more powerful versions of the Polestar 2 in the future

Polestar’s drastic change of drivetrain positioning now comes up to match its biggest competitor, the Tesla Model 3, which is also rear-drive in base guise. 

 Outputs for the single motor, long-range rear-drive Polestar 2 have now increased to 220kW/490Nm

Will there be a track performance version of the Polestar 2?

Polestar Australia isn’t giving too much away just yet about an even more powerful version of its 2 sedan.

Polestar 4 rear 3/4 gold vehicle
The upcoming Polestar 4 will have up to 400kW/686Nm

“What the engineers have planned for the future, we don’t know. We’ll find out in due course. 

“I would say in the transition through Polestar 3 to Polestar 4, [Polestar 2] will maintain that 350kW and progress from there,” McCroarey said. 

MY24 Polestar 2 long range single motor front end static
We wish there was a track-special version of the Polestar 2

Currently, the performance pack dual-motor variant makes 350kW/740Nm, but there is the potential for more.

The upcoming Polestar 3 will be able to achieve figures as high as 380kW/910Nm in performance guise, or in the case of the Polestar 4, up to 400kW/686Nm.