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Volkswagen welcomes climate change action by the Australian government


Volkswagen Group Australia has taken a leadership role in electric vehicles at the National EV Summit held in Canberra this week

Government and motoring industry figures met today at the National EV Summit in Canberra, where the group discussed the future of electric vehicles in Australia. 

Volkswagen Group Australia will support the proposal by the Australian government to impose carbon emission rules on new car sales going forward. 

Managing director of Volkswagen Group Australia Paul Sansom said that “our company was the first to warn that this country would become a ‘third world dumping ground’ for obsolete auto technology. This has become a rallying cry.”

Volkswagen ID.5 Pro Performance
Volkswagen is working towards introducing more electric cars to the Australian market

At the National EV Summit held in Canberra, federal energy minister Chris Bowen confirmed that the government will release a discussion paper to develop a National Electric Vehicle strategy. 

Volkswagen’s strong stance on future vehicle emissions

Mr Sansom reiterated that a “federally mandated emissions target for our industry is non-negotiable if Australia’s supply of electric vehicles is to grow from a trickle to a flow and thereby start to meet ever-growing demand.

“Markets where automakers face financial consequences for failing to meet targets are prioritised for zero emission vehicles. 

Polestar has also taken charge on the electric vehicle front

“Volkswagen Group Australia wants binding regulations that compel our factories to consider us. Greater supply inevitably leads to greater affordability,” Mr Sansom continued. 

In the prestige market, Audi imports the E-tron EV range of vehicles and on a more affordable level, will introduce electric Cupra and Volkswagen products, too, such as the Cupra Born

Volkswagen Group Australia says that Volkswagen, Skoda and Cupra have had production approval for more affordable EVs.

Cupra Born 2022 Australia range
The Cupra Born will launch soon in Australia

What will the National EV Summit mean for Australia?

Companies such as Volkswagen hope that with an electric vehicle plan, Australia will be able to come to terms with its emissions targets which could one day be more in line with the targets set by European nations such as Norway and Finland. 

The EV summit was organised by Mike Cannon-Brookes’ not-for-profit Boundless. Cannon-Brookes has a ‘green fund’ from which $500 million will go towards electrification of Australian homes and an electric vehicle future.

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