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Introducing ChasingCarsGPT: The world’s first AI-powered, interactive, car review Q&A experience 

Chasing Cars Team

Chasing Cars, Australia’s most independent car review platform,  is excited to announce the launch of ChasingCarsGPT, a groundbreaking tool powered by OpenAI technology that is poised to revolutionise the way Australians research their next car purchase.

With its advanced capabilities, ChasingCarsGPT aims to provide users with a streamlined and personalised car research experience that is a world-first.

In an era where car content is abundant but sometimes overwhelming, Chasing Cars recognises the need for innovative solutions that simplify the car buying journey. That’s why we believe that GPT-based AI technology holds immense potential for assisting buyers in their quest to find the ideal vehicle for their needs.

Say hello to ChasingCarsGPT!

ChasingCarsGPT operates as a powerful index, leveraging OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology to mine the extensive library of articles, reviews, and videos published by Chasing Cars. By harnessing the wealth of knowledge accumulated over years of dedicated and high-quality industry coverage, ChasingCarsGPT will become an invaluable resource for car buyers, offering them quick and accurate answers to their questions.

Unlike traditional search engines, ChasingCarsGPT is purpose-built to cater specifically to automotive enthusiasts and new car buyers. With its deep understanding of the Australian new car market, ChasingCarsGPT provides targeted and relevant information on various makes, models, features, and more. Whether users seek insights on fuel efficiency, safety features, or vehicle performance, ChasingCarsGPT offers a comprehensive and tailored car research experience.

Ask away!

Example questions ChasingCarsGPT handles with ease include:

  • What should I consider when choosing a small SUV for under $50K in 2023?
  • I’m considering buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe, how would you rate the Petrol vs Diesel vs Hybrid versions?
  • If you were buying a BMW today, which model would you go for?
  • VW Amarok vs Ford Ranger 2023, which one is best?

Unlike some other AI products and GPT implementations, ChasingCarsGPT provides additional context by displaying a clickable link to the primary content that it has referenced to provide an answer to a given question and even links to relevant Chasing Cars Car Review videos to further support the user.

The Chasing Cars team

While ChasingCarsGPT is an impressive tool from launch, it is important to note that it is currently in the beta testing phase. We encourage users to explore the tool, try out its capabilities, and provide feedback to us to help further improve it.

To access ChasingCarsGPT, simply follow this link: https://www.chasingcars.com.au/chat/  or use the other links found on the  ChasingCars.com.au website to the ChasingCarsGPT system. Once there, simply enter your car-related questions, and let the power of AI do the rest while you discover the convenience of having a wealth of automotive knowledge at your fingertips.

Please reach out to Chasing Cars to request further information. We are excited to showcase this technology and discuss its potential for reshaping the future of car research.Chasing Cars is committed to editorial independence. We empower new car buyers by providing the content – and now cutting-edge research tools – to make an informed purchase decision. With ChasingCarsGPT, we are taking a decisive step to embrace a future where AI-powered assistance is an integral part of the car buying journey.