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Gordon Murray’s T.33 supercar sells out in one week


If you really wanted to own a GMA T.33 once production starts in 2024, you may have missed your chance – all 100 available cars are now spoken for

The original McLaren F1 successor, the T.50, sold out in just 48 hours, so when the cheaper but just as stylish T.33 was unveiled – another example of Gordon Murray’s celebrated design savvy – people knew straight away it wouldn’t last long.

And they were right. 

The brand new GMA T.33 sold out in less than a week after it was unveiled to the public – more than two years before production is scheduled to start. 

GMA T.33 rear lights and badge
The GMA T.33 is much more refined in looks than the T.50

The cost of admission was AU$4.5 million for the T.50, making the T.33 significantly cheaper at AU$2.7 million. And while most of us would choke at the thought of paying that much for a car, all 100 examples have now been accounted for. 

What makes the T.33 so special?

One of the best parts of the GMA T.33 is the engine – a 3.9-litre naturally aspirated V12 unit built by renowned engine builder Cosworth. Not only is it very good to look at, it also makes 452kW of power (and 451Nm of torque), revs to 11,100rpm and weighs just 178kg. This very engine could be one of the last great internal combustion engines of the modern era. 

This screaming V12 can be mated to either a six-speed manual or a sequential paddle-shift transmission. 

GMA T.33 V12 engine
This V12 engine could be one of the last great NA engines

Possibly most impressive, however, is the T.33’s aerodynamics, which have vetoed the large rear fan found on the T.50 and instead use a retractable rear spoiler along with inlet channels under the car to create downforce. 

Gordon Murray didn’t like the idea of bolt-on spoilers, so the team designed a retractable one that tucks neatly away near the tail-lights. 

The T.33 reverts to a two-seat layout this time around (the T.50 uses a three-seat layout with a central driving position, just like a McLaren F1) and goes without any digital screens in favour of a very analogue driving experience. 

GMA T50 front
The T.50 (the T.33’s bigger brother) gets three seats and a giant fan at the back

Gordon Murray has developed a reputation as one of the greatest car designers of all time. Not only was he the man behind some of McLaren’s greatest Formula One cars but also the designer and inventor of the McLaren F1 supercar, and now the GMA T.50, T.50 S and T.33. 

T.33 production will begin in 2024, sometime after production for the flagship T.50 has begun. 

It is unknown at this time whether any GMA cars will come to Australia.