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Brand-new electric Delorean supercar to debut on August 18 with gullwing doors


This is not an April Fools joke: the Delorean Motor Company is making a brand new car

A brand new Delorean supercar will soon be revealed to the public on August 18, carrying a new ‘EVolved’ nameplate. 

The new electric sports car will feature some of the unique design elements of the original DMC-12 from the early 1980s including gull wing doors that lift out and up from the body panels. 

The car will be crafted by Italdesign, a company known for cars such as the original Lotus Espirit, Lancia Delta, Maserati MC12, Audi 80 and, most importantly, the original DMC-12 Delorean from 1981 which became famous after appearing on the 1985 Hollywood blockbuster Back to the Future and its subsequent sequels. 

Delorean EVolved 2022 silhouette
Although it doesn’t reveal much, the gullwing doors will be a great addition

Power figures or drivetrain specifications for the upcoming Delorean have not been revealed just yet, along with pricing and availability, however the new Delorean EVolved will likely be a very limited car. 

Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering partnered up last year to make a new EV platform, codenamed EVX, which is capable of withstanding significant amounts of power and torque. 

Delorean EVolved 2022 teaser
Penned by Italdesign, the Delorean will certainly be stylish

The platform can handle up to 1000kW and a maximum range of around 1000km. This could be just the platform DMC needs for its low-volume super electric car. 

Unlike the old DMC-12, the new Delorean won’t be likely to have too many issues getting to that magic 88 miles per hour mark.