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BMW debuts futuristic I Vision Dee concept car at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show 


The midsize sedan has been built to show what BMW can do “when hardware and software merge”

Say hello to the latest futuristic creation from global carmaker BMW. The brand calls it the I Vision Dee, with Dee standing for digital emotional experience.

The midsize sedan concept has made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, and it’s unlike many concepts that have come before. 

BMW says that the I Vision Dee is a way to explore how to transform a car into an intelligent companion. 

BMW I Vision Dee concept 2023 front 3/4 view
BMW’s ‘Dee’ name stands for Digital Emotional Experience

“The future of the BMW Group is electric, circular and digital. BMW i Vision Dee represents the digital aspect of this trio and will be another milestone on the road to the next vehicle generation, the Neue Klasse,” the brand said in a press release. 

Expect to see the technologies at play in the I Vision Dee to filter into BMW’s vehicles from 2025.

What makes the I Vision Dee an important concept for BMW?

The main technological feature of the Dee is a full-width head-up display that spans the entire windscreen – likely to be a first of its kind. 

BMW I Vision Dee concept 2023 side profile
BMW’s Dee concept is able to change between 32 colours

But the whole setup transforms into something out of a sci-fi movie with the use of a mixed reality slider – a five step dial that can tailor how much digital or reality you want projected onto your windscreen.

Another novel application is what is called e-ink technology that allows the concept car to change between 32 different body colours.

Designers have worked to make the I Vision Dee unique, however the classic BMW kidney grille, circular headlights and subtle lines and creases remain.

BMW I Vision Dee concept 2023 rear seat view
You’ll struggle to find any physical buttons or controls across the interior of the Vision Dee

The digitalisation of the vehicle means that physical buttons and controls have become minimal or removed entirely to promote a feeling of “enhanced driving pleasure”. 

BMW says that it wants to build cars that can be seamlessly integrated into one’s digital life and to become “a trusty companion”. 

The German automaker has also named its next vehicle generation – Neue Klasse – as the brand begins its transition into being an electric-only car manufacturer.

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