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Audi RS6 Avant GT 2024: carbon fibre-clad fast wagon coming to Australia 


Arguably nobody does fast large wagons like Audi and the RS6 GT may be the wildest version the company has ever made

Audi has bolstered the RS6 Avant offering with the addition of the ‘GT’, which brings a slew of carbon fibre and more aggressive driving dynamics for a select few customers, but Aussies will be among them.

Based on the RS6 GTO concept unveiled previously, which in turn was inspired by the 1989 Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO touring car, the RS6 Avant GT sits above the core variant and the ‘Performance’ version offered in Australia.

Audi RS 6 Avant GT (M) Audi 90 quattro (R) RS6 GTO (L)
Audi RS6 Avant GT (centre) is based on the RS6 GTO (L) which is inspired by the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO touring car

A total of 660 units, which will be partially hand-built, will be offered worldwide, with 20 of those locked in for the Australian market and set to arrive between June and December this year.

Retro-inspired looks with carbon flair

The exterior styling of the RS6 GT is the most prominent change to the specifical edition, taking strong cues from the 90 quattro. The retro-inspired livery seen here won’t be the only paint scheme available, but it will likely be the most collectable amongst enthusiasts. 

In an Audi first, the RS6 GT features a fully carbon fibre bonnet and front three-quarter panels, the latter of which also incorporate air outlets to improve airflow and cool the standard-fit ceramic brakes.

Audi RS6 GT 2024 rear above
The unique 22-inch wheels are hard to miss

The six-spoke 22-inch wheels are unique to the RS6 GT and are wrapped in 285mm Continental “Sport Contact 7 tyres, which has also aided in shortening the 100-0 km/h braking distance by a claimed two metres.

And in a somewhat controversial move for fans of the RS6’s inherent utilitarian nature, Audi has (for the first time ever) removed the roof rails in pursuit of cleaner aerodynamics – so the mountain bike will have to go in the boot. 

Inside, the styling continues with a pair of RS bucket seats trimmed in a leather-Dinamica combination and feature RS6 GT lettering within the headrests, with similar logos dotting the entire cabin.

Audi RS6 GT 2024 interior
Carbon fibre bucket seats and a unique built plate for every model have been fitted inside

Designers have also used a combination of red and copper stitching across the black leather surfaces of the cabin to add a more sporting look. 

Plus, as you would expect in a special edition such as this, the RS6 GT features a build plate to show what number of the 660 built you own.

Quattro now more rear based

Outputs from the 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 remain capped at 463kW and 850Nm like the RS6 Performance, but how those outputs get to the ground has changed.

Engineers have fettled with the programming of the quattro sport differential to focus more on ‘agility’ when placed in dynamic mode. The permanent all-wheel-drive system is capable of varying the torque distribution between 75 percent to the front axle all the way to 85 percent at the rear.

Audi RS6 GT 2024 front driving
Engine outputs are technically the same but the driving experience is said to be more agile

The eight-speed automatic transmission continues as before and the 50kg lighter kerb weight aids the 3.3-second 0-100km/h claim, said to be one-tenth quicker than the RS6 Performance.

Track-ready adjustable coilover suspension

Audi says it has fitted a new coilover suspension setup, which drops the ride height by 10mm compared to the regular RS6 Avant (not sold in Australia), with the goal of making the wagon more agile and simply more fun.

Audi RS6 GT 2024 rear
A new highly adjustable coilover setup has been fitted to the RS6 GT

The new setup features a higher spring rate, three-way-adjustable dampers, and stiffer stabiliser bars (30 percent stiffer at the front and 80 percent at the rear) to dial out body roll.

International customers who aren’t as keen on the custom coilover setup can opt for adaptive air suspension or RS sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control, though the exact Australian specification is yet to be confirmed.

As for pricing? It’s not confirmed just yet, but with the ‘regular’ RS6 Performance asking for $251,000 before on-road costs, don’t expect it to be cheap.