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Skoda Vision 7S concept previews Czech brand’s future interiors


An interior space has been revealed by Skoda which can comfortably seat 7 people with all the best modern technologies

Skoda has changed the game in terms of interior design for the automobile, creating a new way of seating people within the confines of a car. 

The seating arrangement reminds us of what you would find in a business class cabin on an aircraft, with plenty of legroom despite the seats being reclined to a comfortable position. 

Skoda says there has been work done to accommodate people in a way that encourages minimalism but builds on intuitive controls, functionality and sustainable materials. 

2022 Skoda Kodiaq RS blue SUV - dynamic front 3/4 #3
A future Skoda Kodiaq SUV could have a layout similar to that of the Vision 7S

What is the Skoda Vision 7S all about?

The Skoda Vision 7S features four captain-style chairs for the front four occupants, with a built-in baby seat for the centre of the vehicle and two smaller seats for kids in the back section of the cabin. 

Some cool features include ambient lighting that changes colour based on the charge status of your mobile phone, door panels that have haptic-touch functions, a central child seat (the safest location in a car), and backpacks installed into the back of the front seats. 

Skoda Vision 7S
A unique interior with a centralised baby capsule is pretty cool!

The design caters for both driving and ‘relaxed’ modes, so the car is not just for getting from A to B but also a place to relax and unwind, such as on long distance trips or at the drive-in movies. 

Where else have we seen similar futuristic cabin designs?

Global car manufacturers such as Hyundai and Volkswagen have also released concepts of future car interiors. 

Cars such as the Hyundai Seven Concept (which is likely to become the new Ioniq 7) and the Volkswagen ID Buzz are both recent examples of modern interior designs for the automotive industry, but manufacturers are always bringing out weird yet wonderful ideas for how a car’s interior could change as autonomous driving becomes more of a reality.

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