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Gran Turismo 7 2022: Australian release imminent for Playstation’s latest sim racer


The arrival of one of the most highly-anticipated motor racing simulators is just around the corner – here is what to expect from GT7

Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner, with a March 4 2022 Australian release date scheduled for a simulation racing game aiming to be better than ever. It’s the 25th anniversary of the GT series which was first introduced back in 1997. 

So what can you expect from this latest Sony creation? Read on to find out!

Gran Turismo 7 garage
You can even pay money to get your car washed in the game!

Plenty of cars to choose from

Over 400 cars will be available from launch for the new Gran Turismo 7 game, some of which are brand new to the series. Highlights include cars such as the FK8 Honda Civic Type R, McLaren F1, Pagani Huayra, Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, Toyota GR Supra, Ferrari F8 Tributo and the Porsche Carrera GT. 

Players will be able to race these cars at 34 different locations across the globe and will have 90 layouts to choose from. 

While that will be plenty for most people, more cars and tracks are very likely to be added as downloadable content down the track (pun not intended).

Gran Turismo 7 Aston Martin DB11
The Gran Turismo 7 Aston Martin DB11

Real-world skies, better haptic feedback

Part of what makes Gran Turismo special is the attention to detail. GT7 uses meteorological data from NASA to provide the most accurate night skies you could ever see. Whether or not you actually notice this fact when you are driving is another thing – but it’s still a cool feature. 

Haptic feedback has also been worked on extensively over the old game, so now with the Playstation 5 DualSense controller you can feel the road beneath you, including different surfaces, curbing, tire slippage and the effects of tire wear. 

But it is also feedback from the car itself that makes this a realistic racing game. In older Gran Turismo games, ABS appeared just as a flashing light on the screen. Now, ABS has been built into the haptic feedback so you can actually feel the ABS pulsating through the controller. Pretty neat!

Gran Turismo 7 cafe mode
Cafe mode allows you to learn all about the cars you are driving

Learn about the cultural significance of the cars

Like many video games these days, it’s more than just tapping buttons and working your way through levels or races. Video games are also used as a learning tool and GT7 is no different. 

At the Gran Turismo cafe location, players can learn about the cultural significance of certain cars and hear from designers who created cars such as the original MX-5 and the Audi TT. 

Cars can be explored through the showroom, however we are unsure whether or not you can go into as much detail as Forza Motorsports Autovista mode which allows you do a ‘deep dive’ on each and every car – letting you open the bonnet, doors and boot. 

Gran Turismo 7 map
The map features several different areas for gamers to explore

Tuning and customisation options

There are over 60 performance parts per car that are available to customise your pride and joy just how you like it. Parts include widebody kits, wings, wheels, roll cages and plenty of paint-colour options. 

Tuning is a complex part of the GT7 experience and has been described by the game designers as a “mini game within a game”. Players have a lot of freedom with what they do with a car, adjusting elements such as wheel camber, differential, gearing, engine performance and more. Altering these elements means that acceleration, braking, handling and grip change and are unique to each car. GT7 is clever enough to constantly calculate performance figures based on the slightest changes a player might make to their car

Some tuning options include the use of nitrous oxide, exhaust silencing (boo) and an anti-lag system which all debut for the first time. 

Gran Turismo 7 licence centre
You can improve your driving skills through the licence centre

Used car dealership returns for GT7 

As well as having a new car showroom, GT7 also has a used car dealership which shows mileage, oil use and other vehicles that don’t pass being in the new car showroom. 

This is an interesting part of the game and something that gaming rival Forza Motorsport does not include. 

All of this is enough to want us to buy a PlayStation 5 for the office.