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Drive Against Depression announces inaugural NSW charity drive event


Mental health charity supporting mental wellness through the freedom of driving gears up for its first Sydney drive day on June 4

If you’ve seen coverage of Drive Against Depression (DAD) events in Victoria, you’ll know it’s a petrolhead’s delight celebrating what we most love: driving our cars.

Now the DAD experience is NSW-bound, hosting its inaugural charity drive in Sydney on Sunday, June 4, 2023 from 10am.

DAD Zak Adkins
Chasing Cars reviewer Zak Adkins will assisting in hosting the event

DAD events are about supporting mental wellness through the freedom of driving. Currently limited to 25 cars, the focus is about connection and community while taking in some beautiful driving roads.

Chasing Cars own Zak Adkins will be assisting in hosting the NSW event, commencing from Berowra train station carpark and concluding with lunch at Goldfish Bar and Restaurant at Roche Estate.

Zak has previously detailed his experience with mental health and how driving, cars and the people around him have all played a huge role in restoring the calm.

What’s the event all about?

DAD uses driving and the shared enthusiasm for cars and great roads as “our way of connecting and escaping downward emotional spirals.”

Nice cars are appreciated but not required

Its website sums up its mission: “DAD drive days offer the ideal judgement-free opportunity for all-important connection and community, and hold the intention to normalise mental health problems and mental illness, promote conversations around these and offer pathways for seeking further support.”

The importance of this can’t be understated, and previous events have been very well supported with thousands of dollars raised, and all donations going directly to support the DAD cause.

You simply register your details, choose a sum of money you’d like to donate and look forward to superb driving roads and meeting like-minded enthusiasts.

Drive again depression sign
Car nuts love a chat, why not turn the conversation to mental health?

The drive days are not competitive or timed. It isn’t run in a strict convoy, and it’s not in any way exclusive. It’s strictly a social thing with carefully planned routes using engaging roads and beautiful scenery.

“DAD isn’t a club, it’s a community,” the charity says. “Please don’t feel the need to have a particular model or age of car to attend – if you love it, bring it.” 

The first DAD event in Sydney 

A very sociable start time of 10am on June 4 gives registered participants ample time to get to the driver briefing. Those attending receive a drive route and navigation notes ahead of the day, and over morning coffee chat through the drive plan.

Morning tea gives an opportunity to take a driving break and have a chat, then continue to the finish point and lunch. As well as the engaging drive, there’s the opportunity for “meaningful conversation that fosters a true sense of community support,” said DAD co-founder, Sarah Davis.

Drive again depression driving
The next NSW event is planned for June 4

Sydney’s ‘local legend’ Zak Adkins added: “It’s amazing what DAD are doing in the mental health space and we are excited to be part of it for the first time in Sydney,” he said.

“Mental health and well-being is so close to my heart and I love that DAD is opening up great conversations and reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.”

You can register and read more about the event here.