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Audi refreshes its iconic badge by removing chrome and going two-dimensional


The German brand says its new two-dimensional badge will signify clarity, purity and sophistication for all its future cars 

Audi has given its famous four-ring badge an update which can be now seen on the upcoming Q8 E-tron SUV

Gone is the chrome badging that has been a staple piece on Audi models since the 1990s and instead black and white outlines have filled its place. 

Even though the four-rings have been two-dimensional since 2016 in brochures and branding, on the cars themselves this will be the first time that a two-dimensional Audi badge will be placed on its vehicles. 

Audi Q8 E-tron front end new badge
The Audi Q8 E-tron is the first car to get the new badge design

Is there more to the new badge than just subtle changes?

Audi stated that in 2020, the company began reworking its brand strategy and corporate identity, which it said led to a new vehicle identification strategy. 

What this means is that the German auto brand has standardised the fonts used inside and out of its models, including the identification of the model on the B-pillar of each Audi model. 

Audi A8 L 2023 front
The outgoing 3D Audi badge design

Audi designers have said that “identification and vehicle design now act as a unit that aligns with Audi’s new brand positioning”. 

You can expect to see the badge and model designations transition on all new models going forward. 

Simplistic designs are now commonplace 

Audi is not the first to give its logo a makeover, with other car makers refreshing their emblems, including Kia in 2021, sister brand VW in 2020 and Peugeot in 2021.

Audi SQ7 2022 badge front
Audi has used a 3D badge since the 1990s

Global carmakers have pushed toward a more simplistic design with their logos, following the current trends of motoring minimalism.

What does the Audi emblem mean?

Unlike other brands that have logos with more symbolic meanings, Audi’s logo is much more structured and straight-forward. 

Audi RS3 performance edition 2023 front view driving
The current Audi RS3 with a darkened version of the four rings

The Audi badge’s four rings symbolise the merging of four automotive companies – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer – to form Auto Union AG, and then eventually, Audi AG.  

The formation of the four companies happened as a result of the global recession in 1929 when all came into significant financial hardship. The solution was to merge the companies into one.

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