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Toyota Corolla Cross unveiled, Aus arrival slated for 2022

John Law

Following the compact Yaris Cross that debuted earlier this year, Toyota has revealed images and details of an all-new model, the Corolla Cross, which will sit between the C-HR and RAV4 in size terms.

Now, like us, you may be slightly confused, the quirky C-HR already exists as similarly sized vehicles to this all-new Corolla Cross.

However, the new vehicle adopts its styling cues from the chunkier RAV4 rather than the more compact Corolla; initial impressions are certainly positive.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Front 3/4
The Corolla Cross takes styling cues from the bluffer RAV4.

And that’s a good thing for what is an ever-expanding marketplace with stalwarts like the Mitsubishi ASX and newcomers like the Mazda CX-30, the Corolla Cross will have its work cut out.

As for the future of the similarly sized C-HR? For the moment it sounds like that car will remain in the line-up, its emphasis on a more athletic coupe aesthetic. The Corolla Cross will be the more practical sibling, though the two vehicles share an identical wheelbase.

As some may be aware, the funky C-HR was never destined for Australia, though the brand is glad it did given the segment’s popularity. In fact, Toyota’s SUV sales are market-leading in Australia, with 19.6 per cent total share, up 2.3 per cent from last year.

Toyota C-HR Koba front end
Bigger than the C-HR but the cars share a wheelbase.

And the new “Cross” nomenclature falls in line with the brand’s compact SUV offering, the Yaris Cross, though we doubt that the iconic RAV4 will shift to Camry Cross any time soon, but, stranger things have happened.

Toyota has doubled-down on the ‘chunky’ aesthetic for the Corolla Cross. That bluff nose with the generous front grille gives away to a squared-off side-profile. Again – it’s more RAV4 than Corolla in our eyes.

The rear end appears like it might be a little awkward, but these images are just that, we’ll reserve judgement until the Corolla Cross arrives in Australia in 2022.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Rear 3/4
We’re not sure about this angle just yet.

Inside the Cross is all Corolla – if you’ve spent much time in the 12th gen Hatch or Sedan, you’ll feel very comfortable indeed. The 8-inch touchscreen is easy to access, and the transmission tunnel is mostly free from clutter.

Bonus points for the bold fabric colour choice. Toyota appears to have opted for bronze interior trimmings, much snazzier than the usual sea of black.

Like the interior, the underpinnings of the Corolla Cross are familiar, the car is based on Toyota’s Global Architecture C platform, the same found under the current C-HR and Corolla.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Chairs
That fabric looks bronze to us, we’re glad it’s not black or black, though.

That certainly bodes well for the driving experience, and it signifies the possibility of an all-wheel-drive model to back up the exterior’s off-road intentions.

As for what will power the Corolla Cross, Australia will get the choice of a traditional combustion engine or a petrol-electric hybrid. The 125kW/200Nm two-litre Dynamic Force engine in the current Corolla is the more likely choice instead of the peppy 1.2-litre turbocharged unit found in the C-HR.

The hybrid option is a must for Australia – again it’s most likely the Cross will use the 90kW 1.8-litre based power plant in the Corolla, though we hope the punchier European market two-litre hybrid does make its way to Aussie shores.

2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Interior
It will feel familiar in here to anyone who has spent time in a Corolla.

Toyota has revealed these few details ahead of the Corolla Cross launch in Thailand, the first market the new car will be on sale in. More information will become available closer to the car’s Australian launch in 2022.