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Morgan Plus 8 2022: wild GTR model revealed, only nine to be produced


The most powerful Morgan model in the company’s 112-year history will soon begin production – but it will be extremely limited

The Morgan Motor Company has launched a low-riding version of the Plus 8 called the GTR. 

Taking inspiration from Morgan track racers of the 1990s, the Plus 8 GTR will be the first V8 model to be released since the demise of the Aero 8 back in 2019. 

Interestingly, Morgan sold off its remaining chassis to an external firm when it moved its cars to a new platform, however said firm has now folded, so Morgan reacquired nine Plus 8 chassis ready to use for the GTR project. 

Morgan Plus 8 2022 rear 3/4 view
This might just be the last V8-powered Morgan to be produced

Several changes make the GTR stand out from a regular Plus 8, including an aggressive front splitter, rear diffuser, an aluminium hardtop and a wider set of arches. 

New lightweight alloy wheels cover upgraded brakes, while extra louvres on the bonnet have been installed to aid cooling. 

Inside, the GTR is a pretty bare bones affair, with carbon fibre seats and racing harnesses available as optional extras. 

Morgan Plus 8 2022 interior shot
Lightweight carbon bucket seats and a stripped interior create the race car ambience

The Plus 8 GTR utilises a BMW-sourced 4.8-litre V8 engine producing 280kW of power. That’s just 9kW more than when the V8 was first fitted to the Plus 8 frame, but any performance increase is better than none. 

That power will be put to the rear-wheels exclusively via either a six-speed manual or six-speed ZF automatic transmission. 

Extra strengthening has been added to the engine bay and chassis legs to cope with the increase in power. 

Morgan Plus 8 2022 side view
The Morgan Plus 8 GTR will have a hardtop roof instead of a folding canvas one

While there is no word yet on what the Plus 8 GTR will cost, overseas estimates put the price somewhere in the region of AUD$400,000 for the limited run car. 

While it won’t be cheap, this might just be the last opportunity to purchase a V8 Morgan.