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Genesis G80 revealed, will Korea out-luxe Germany?

John Law

Korean company Genesis is on a mission to overthrow the German establishment much like Lexus did in the 90s, with the new G80 luxury sedan the latest piece in that puzzle.

Following a strong showing from the C-Class sized G70, Genesis revealed details of its X5 competitor, the GV80 SUV, last month.

When we get the chance to view the G80 we’ll have a better idea of competitors, though it looks like it will nestle somewhere between executive saloons like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and upper-echelon luxury cars like Lexus LS and BMW 7 Series.

2020 Genesis G80 - 1
Genesis is enforcing strong design language.

The heart of any athletic luxury sedan should beat with some passion and Chasing Cars understands that the G80 will be offered with at least two six-cylinder engines, matching those confirmed for the GV80 SUV.

These are likely to include a three-litre turbo-diesel producing 207kW/588Nm, and a lustier 3.5-litre turbo V6 producing around 280kW of power. Genesis says the G80 will be available in Korean markets by mid-march.

Like other Hyundai and Genesis vehicles, a full Australian ride and handling tune will be completed locally by HMCA’s local engineering team in Sydney.

2020 Genesis G80 - 2
A bespoke Australian ride and handling tune will feature on the G80.

Chasing Cars understands that local Australian tuning for the new G80 is substantially complete so it shouldn’t be far from our shores.

Renderings provided demonstrate a clear family lineage for Genesis vehicles with that gaping grille adorning the nose, the brand’s parabolic running rearwards from the headlights references the bigger GV80.

Inclusions of chrome on said grille and window surround add a touch of class to the GV80. A set of five-spoke 20-inch wheels evoke the golden age of German luxury sedans, too.

2020 Genesis G80 - 4
Now that looks sumptuous.

It’s inside that the G80 intrigues with clean lines inspired by the “beauty of white space” and a generous 14.5-inch infotainment screen sitting centrally with wood entombing the dashboard. It appears more sumptuous than any current 5 Series.

Genesis is touting a set of advanced driver assistance systems, presumably with an advanced lane-keep assist – Hyundai’s is already one of the best – and adaptive cruise control. Like in the GV80 expect driver awareness monitoring, too.

It’s refreshing to know that Genesis is putting time into Australian suspension tuning as that has oft undone cars tested on smooth Germanically laid tarmac.

2020 Genesis G80 - 5
Wood and leather? Yes please.

Expect G80s to arrive in the second half of 2020 not long after the July arrival of the GV80, we can hardly wait.