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Next-gen Apple CarPlay to mirror on infotainment and digital driver’s displays by 2023


The updated system could come with the car, rather than being a simple mirroring system from your iPhone

Silicon Valley tech giants Google and Apple are battling it out over who will have the best vehicle infotainment system for the next decade.

Following Google’s planned upscaling and expansion of Android Auto, Apple is planning to update its system in a big way by not just offering mirroring, but a full Apple automotive interface.

The company announced the update at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that runs until June 10 at the Apple Park headquarters in California.

The new Apple CarPlay could bring big change to current infotainment systems

Apple says that this new generation of CarPlay will start to roll out into vehicles as soon as  late 2023.

What does new Apple Carplay bring?

Apple CarPlay will be able to take over more screens in a vehicle and offer more functionality than ever before. 

Rather than just project through the central touchscreen, the new Apple CarPlay will also be able to control the digital driving cluster or virtual cockpit behind the steering wheel, such as what is found in – but not limited to – Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Audi A4 Allroad 2021 Virtual Cockpit
Audi’s virtual cockpit could be one system that is transformed with the new Apple CarPlay

Users of the new CarPlay software will be able to control the climate system and air conditioning without having to exit the application, as well as an array of other features such as displaying speed, rpm, fuel level, outside temperature and more. 

We don’t know just yet which car companies will jump on board with this new generation of Apple CarPlay, but if the current market is anything to go off, we will be seeing this software introduced into almost all new cars that hit the road in 2023 and beyond… providing there are no hang-ups with Android-based operating systems. 

It is worth noting that some older models might be able to transition to this new software with a simple update, however this is yet to be confirmed by Apple or major car manufacturers.