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Google Maps now more EV-friendly with energy-efficient routing option


Motorists will soon be able to pick an eco-friendly and efficient route to travel rather than burning more fuel in traffic

Google is in the beta phase of adding a new feature to its Maps application, suggesting new routes to help make your driving route more efficient. 

According to technology media website 9to5Google, the mapping app could soon ask drivers to instruct it whether they are driving a petrol, diesel or electric vehicle – and the system will tailor your route to suit the energy needs of the car you are driving. 

If you are driving a petrol car, for example, and the route can be changed to offer a similar ETA but on a higher speed road which is less congested and allows the car to be driven in a higher gear, the route will take you that way, instead. Pretty clever stuff.

Setting routes will become much more efficient with the update

The source states that a beta is available which aims to “save you the most fuel or energy” by also offering a ‘engine type’ selection. If you happen to have one of the last, thirsty V8 Holden Commodores, you can tell Google that and it will try to cater accordingly to save you fuel. 

This is especially important in a world where fuel prices are continually on the rise as crude oil prices skyrocket overseas. 

The move will likely place Google in line with its environmental corporate responsibility as the automotive industry moves to be as eco-conscious as possible in the world struggling with climate change.

Google Maps is one of the highest used navigation apps

Do other map apps do this?

Google will very likely be the first to add vehicle efficiency as a feature for its Maps application. 

One of Google’s biggest competitors, Waze – actually a subsidiary of Google itself – does not offer an efficiency feature just yet, however what it does offer in contrast is live traffic speed, police locations and the cost of tolls on your journey. 

Once Google Maps brings the efficiency feature into play, Waze will likely follow with something similar, as will Apple with their own Map software.